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Survival only! The commands on this page only apply to the /survival realm.


An easy way to let others know about your town

What are towns?
Anyone can build a town in the Survival realm, but the Town System adds lots of functionality to the town you built. When you add your town to the town system, you can get the word out easier and provide easy ways for people to visit your town.

Creating a town
Once you build your town, use the command /town create [name]. Keep in mind that this command will only work on the Survival realm. Your town name can include spaces and punctuation, but remember that to teleport to the town, people need to type in the full town name! Make it short and easy to memorize and use.

Teleporting to towns
Teleporting to a town is as simple as running /town [name], and you will be teleported to that town's spawn location. If you're feeling courageous, you can teleport to a random town with /town random.

Removing your town
To rename or delete your current town, use /town remove.

Listing every town
There are a lot of towns you can teleport to. To see a big list of them all, use /town list. If there are too many to display on one page, random towns will be selected.