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At the store, you can contribute to Cobalt and get some cool ranks and rewards in exchange! Choose the donor rank you would like to purchase or receive more information about.

Purchase a rank

All ranks last for your lifetime* and will activate the following features on all realms. Each higher rank receives all of the previous rank's features and abilities, so the higher rank you get, the more features you have! The best part? These are only a few of the features you get! Click here for a full list.

Supporter $15

  • Flight mode
  • Disguise as mobs
  • Free iron tools / armor
  • 10 extra hearts
  • Return to death point
  • Extra warps and homes
  • Orange nametag
Buy Supporter

VIP $30

  • Invincibility mode
  • Diamond tools / armor
  • Name items for free
  • Clear your inventory
  • Extra creative plots
  • More money for mob kills
  • Yellow nametag

Elite $60

  • Fly / walk faster
  • Sit in chairs
  • Wear blocks as hats
  • Auto-chop trees
  • Free enchanted items
  • Ride chickens
  • Green nametag
Buy Elite

Premium $120

  • Enchant any item
  • Repair damaged items
  • Set unlimited homes
  • Spawn mobs
  • Free money every day
  • Cheaper land protections
  • Light green nametag
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Extra goodies

Buy some one-time fun extras and features on Cobalt.

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* Your rank will last for your lifetime IF you are active on our server. If you do not log in for 60 days, the rank will be automatically removed. Please stay active!