IP: play.cobalt-mc.com



Play it your way

What are playstyles?
Because of the overwhelming amount of ways to play PvP, Cobalt PvP lets you pick your favorite! When customizing your kit, you can pick a playstyle in the top-right of the kit customizer. We have three different playstyles that you can pick, depending on your preference of how to PvP. No playstyle gives any advantage, it is simply a matter of conveinence.

Survival playstyle
The most popular playstyle, the Survival playstyle gives you a load of hearts while battling. You do not need to heal yourself mid-battle, and you are provided a fishing rod and stone sword in addition to any ability items.

Soup playstyle
The common "Soup PvP" style fills your inventory with soup that can provide a quick regeneration boost and more health when needed. When consumed, an empty bowl is left in the slot by default. You are also given a stone sword.

Potion playstyle
The potion playstyle fills your inventory with many splash potions of healing that can be used to strategically heal yourself or any teammates. Be careful not to heal any opponents! You are also provided with two potions of swiftness, and a stone sword.