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Allowed Mods

What are you allowed to use?

What are mods?
Mods provide a new way to play Minecraft - some mods add new items, some mods change sound effects, and some mods allow you to cheat on Minecraft servers. Cobalt does NOT allow any mod that allows you to cheat or have an unfair advantage in gameplay. If you have a question on whether a mod is allowed or not, ask a staff member and then have them add it to this page.

If you are found using a mod that we did not approve, you risk being banned from all of our servers (a global ban). We can often detect and prevent the use of mods, and frequently ban people for using them.

Is a certain mod allowed?
Ask yourself these questions:

1. Does it change gameplay?

2. Does it give you an unfair advantage?

3. Does it show you something you can't see in vanilla minecraft?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the mod probably isn't acceptable on our servers. That being said, if you want to stay safe and not get banned, use one of these approved mods or ask the Cobalt staff if the mod you wish to use is legal. Anything else you use is at your own risk.

List of allowed mods
Below is a list that is approved by Cobalt staff members:

List of banned mods
Any mod that gives the player information that they cannot normally obtain in the vanilla version of the game is not allowed. Additionally, if a mod alters gameplay in a way that automates something or gives you an advantage over anything, it is not allowed. This includes things like:

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