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Account Settings

Control what you see

What are settings?
Each player on Cobalt has access to the /settings command, where you can change your account preferences. These settings allow you to control if you see login messages, death messages, ban notifications, and more.

Changing a setting
All settings are are a toggle, meaning that you either turn them on or off. Use /settings [type] to enable or disable a certain setting. A list of settings can be found below.

List of available settings

  • death: the death messages that are displayed when people die
  • login: the broadcasts when a player joins or leaves Cobalt
  • economy: auction updates, bidding notifications, and lottery tickets
  • nicknames: the donor nicknames that show up when a donor chats
  • bans: notifications when a player is punished (warned, banned, etc.)
  • chat: allow chat messages from others to appear
  • ranks: show full ranks; when disabled, colored stars represent current ranks
  • popup: instead of the usual text messages displayed, open a menu when possible Experimental!

  • The following preferences are meant for donors to be able to use. If a regular member attempts to use them, the setting will automatically disable itself after 7 days.

  • tips: periodical announcement messages that provide simple help
  • teleport: the requests that show up when someone teleports to you