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Mob Disguises

Turn yourself into a fearsome, deadly... sheep

What are mob disguises?
All Cobalt realms feature Mob Disguise, where you can turn into an animal. The server makes you look exactly like an animal of your choice to everyone else!

Changing disguises
Choose an animal from the list below. (Higher-level donors have access to many more mobs.) Once you have a mob picked out, use /disguise [mob] to disguise yourself as the selected mob. To remove the disguise use /undisguise. You will also be undisguised automatically if you are attacked in a PvP battle.

Which disguises can I use?
Listed below are the different mobs and the ranks that can use them. Each rank can use the lower-tier ranks' mobs as well, so a Premium can access all of the Elite mobs for example.

Supporter chicken, cow, pig, sheep

VIP enderman, spider, creeper, skeleton, slime, zombie, cavespider

Elite ocelot, wolf, horse, bat, mooshroom, villager, zombiepigman

Premium blaze, silverfish, zombievillager, witch, snowgolem,
irongolem, undeadhorse