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Free items, enjoy!

What are kits?
Cobalt gives some free sets of items to players every few days. Kits can include tools to help you survive, blocks to build with, or food to eat. Donating to the Cobalt Network will unlock access to many more kits with cooler items. Below is a list of all kits for Donors and Members.

How to use kits
All kits can be used with the command /kit [kit], which will add a kit's contents to your inventory. If you don't have space for the kit, Cobalt will let you know. All kits require that you be a Plus (+) member or a donor.

Kits everyone can use:

starter 1 of each stone tool and some torches

food 12 chicken, 1 cake, 10 apples, 2 beef

capture includes a Mob Net for mob catching

Kits only donors can use:

money $100 for Supporters, $200 for VIP, $300 for Elite, $400 for Premium

farmer 1 stone hoe, 16 seeds, 2 carrots, 1 pumpkin

builder 10 stone, 32 dirt, 16 wood plank, 4 ladder

defender 1 leather helmet, 1 iron chestplate, 1 stone sword, 4 steak

maximum 1 diamond, 4 iron ingot, 16 glowstone, 4 gold nugget

trees golden axe to chop down trees instantly

Special donor kits:

supporter only iron tools and armor

vip only diamond tools and armor

elite only enchanted diamond tools and armor

premium only random boss armor, tools, potions, and apples