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List of Donors

These people are awesome

Who are these people?
The donors on our server are the most dear to our heart. They have supported Cobalt financially, which is something most people don't do. Because of that, we give them awesome features and make them stand out while playing. To see a list of donors while in-game, use /donorlist for a list of everyone, and /donors for a list of only online donors.


rexboy32 Evil_Tomato1337 zeldalinkmorgan muscles07 ottewillyy nabbyy8 Denon123 LEGIT61998 armycacher awesomeaustin888 jmo508 FunkMaster2000 Kaitlyn1234F benthegreat1313 mooshyroomsoup Denon123 Shadowstorm27 minecraft_boy29 beeswax23 nrrdcassie Jordankiller megawaffle13 JORDANKILLER MMOSmaruh SebastianPerez_ Misstinygirl Gramgram1234 skimmys1 twoBrothers4life CharlieCMS fashionkat73 livibella1250 Doolittle2008 S_Weel itismejoey Ashpokemon760 rainbowdash_cms mcawesomeguy SavvasGR 77WISHER77 gabimanaver JamieMerrill07 StridingPride

rexboy32, Evil_Tomato1337, zeldalinkmorgan, muscles07, ottewillyy, nabbyy8, Denon123, LEGIT61998, armycacher, awesomeaustin888, jmo508, FunkMaster2000, Kaitlyn1234F, benthegreat1313, mooshyroomsoup, Denon123, Shadowstorm27, minecraft_boy29, beeswax23, nrrdcassie, Jordankiller, megawaffle13, JORDANKILLER, MMOSmaruh, SebastianPerez_, Misstinygirl, Gramgram1234, skimmys1, twoBrothers4life, CharlieCMS, fashionkat73, livibella1250, Doolittle2008, S_Weel, itismejoey, Ashpokemon760, rainbowdash_cms, mcawesomeguy, SavvasGR, 77WISHER77, gabimanaver, JamieMerrill07, StridingPride,


Emb0505 MGates NeoHoltsky Jackpro293 Goliaph reecebropro CuteChristian jenssigurd epicdrill MathWhizofMC KellyHeaven11 pwny_rainbow6945 sonicrocks7 Vulpix05 warrioroftheclan OYA139 Hybridcraft2002 BudderDaniellu MTB7 BlackmesaIND zcubed RedNinjaGirl Feyraz99 Latham1016 Warking4826 Jetmeister Kaitlyn1234F Stegosaurus1337 goodryan9898 IceExcite reecebropro BudderDaniellu mamiegale Haloguy7777 spartansoilder17 Jetmeister redstonejp angelosaurs CAARROOLLIINNE kaitlw123 princewes Arrow_Girl Miles88 UCMinecraft jodidumoxyt airsoftguy1116 AefMuno maddog7490 xXJustBoneXx shamanofluthur ExoMute zeld487 elf121 SubliminalChaos thebudderlover23 SammaZin WildManSam727 robocreeper2005 randomguy4001 MotoMoto4722

Emb0505, MGates, NeoHoltsky, Jackpro293, Goliaph, reecebropro, CuteChristian, jenssigurd, epicdrill, MathWhizofMC, KellyHeaven11, pwny_rainbow6945, sonicrocks7, Vulpix05, warrioroftheclan, OYA139, Hybridcraft2002, BudderDaniellu, MTB7, BlackmesaIND, zcubed, RedNinjaGirl, Feyraz99, Latham1016, Warking4826, Jetmeister, Kaitlyn1234F, Stegosaurus1337, goodryan9898, IceExcite, reecebropro, BudderDaniellu, mamiegale, Haloguy7777, spartansoilder17, Jetmeister, redstonejp, angelosaurs, CAARROOLLIINNE, kaitlw123, princewes, Arrow_Girl, Miles88, UCMinecraft, jodidumoxyt, airsoftguy1116, AefMuno, maddog7490, xXJustBoneXx, shamanofluthur, ExoMute, zeld487, elf121, SubliminalChaos, thebudderlover23, SammaZin, WildManSam727, robocreeper2005, randomguy4001, MotoMoto4722,


Brad_the_Rad minecropiuas Flamerider2 MwM_SKULLZ Sonicth DeathByDonuts zombies1ayer2 knowingerty waffleking4492 GirlOnFire365 natethegreat1313 DistortedPancake Wavecurl mbessey0622 E17K18M20 John_Egbert413 lbpguy45 AJpanda01

Brad_the_Rad, minecropiuas, Flamerider2, MwM_SKULLZ, Sonicth, DeathByDonuts, zombies1ayer2, knowingerty, waffleking4492, GirlOnFire365, natethegreat1313, DistortedPancake, Wavecurl, mbessey0622, E17K18M20, John_Egbert413, lbpguy45, AJpanda01,


rambosnipe Lord_Death_OMM dannybian beastboy121212 SuperMaxioBros bloodstream809 RyanAnnie101 EnderPearlGaming liamlfc123 joseph7549 Sonicth joseph7549 chris13576 Pwny_Rainbow6945 DragonWolf1395 lucyloo1602 GoldMinerMatt007 modsz3

rambosnipe, Lord_Death_OMM, dannybian, beastboy121212, SuperMaxioBros, bloodstream809, RyanAnnie101, EnderPearlGaming, liamlfc123, joseph7549, Sonicth, joseph7549, chris13576, Pwny_Rainbow6945, DragonWolf1395, lucyloo1602, GoldMinerMatt007, modsz3,