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Comamand Reference

Helpful in any situation

What is a command?
Commands are instructions you give to the server, which will reply back with a response or an action. Commands can be used to teleport, send messages, or get information. Cobalt has many commands across our servers, which you can see a list of below.

General player commands
Below are the normal commands used by everybody.

Teleportation commands
Teleportation commands will move you from place to place. These are official, customized commands that we've set up to help you find your way around the Cobalt realms.

  • /spawn — This command will bring you to the spawnpoint
  • /shop — Teleports you to the server's shop
  • /build — Useful on any realm, takes you to the building location
  • /nether — Applicable on the Survival realm, brings you to the Nether
  • /theend — Applicable on the Survival realm, brings you to the End
  • /casino — If a realm has a casino, use this to teleport there
  • /parkour — If a realm has a parkour arena, use this to teleport there
  • /pvp — If a realm has a pvp arena, use this to teleport there

Network commands
These custom commands will bring you to another Cobalt realm.

  • /hub — Return to the Hub, the central server location
  • /survival — Brings you to the Survival realm
  • /creative — Brings you to the Creative realm
  • /skyblock — Brings you to the Skyblock realm
  • /clash — Brings you to the Clash realm
  • /realms — Open a realm chooser popup

Basic commands
These commands are the most commonly used, and perform general tasks.

  • /gems — View your gem balance and spend gems
  • /lockout — Configure two-factor authentication for your account
  • /rewards — Claim rewards for logging in faithfully
  • /afk — Mark yourself as "away from keyboard"
  • /sethome (home) — Set your location to your home point, donors can set multiple homes
  • /home (home) — Return to your home, donors can return to a specified home
  • /delhome (home) — Remove your current home, donors can remove specific ones
  • /msg [player] [message] — Send a private message to another player, if they're offline this will send a mail message (see below)
  • /mail ("clear") — Check your mailbox, or clear all messages
  • /seen [player] — Checks when a person was last seen
  • /transactions (player) — See a list of donation history for yourself or someone else
  • /balance (player) — Check your balance or the balance of another player
  • /baltop — See the richest people on your realm
  • /pay [player] [integer] — Send money to another player
  • /news — See current important announcements
  • /news ignore — Ignore the current news article
  • /suicide — Kill yourself
  • /motd — View the welcome message when logging in
  • /who (realm) — See a list of all online players; if the argument is omitted it will return a list of people on the current realm
  • /glist — List the players on every realm
  • /donors — See a list of all online donors
  • /list — See a list of all online staff
  • /me [message] — Broadcast a message in third-person
  • /tp [player] — Ask another player if you can teleport to them
  • /tphere [player] — Ask another player if they can teleport to you
  • /infractions (player) — See a list of punishments and infractions
  • /donorlist — View a list of all donors
  • /rank (player) — Check if someone is a staff or donor
  • /light — View the light level at your current location
  • /distance — Select two blocks with a stick (left/right click), then check the distance
  • /time — Check the current server time
  • /biome — Learn about the biome at your current location
  • /target — Show details about the block at your crosshair
  • /holding — View information about the item you're holding
  • /id (item) — Show details about a specified item, or the held item
  • /world — Learn about the world you're currently in
  • /seed — View the seed of a world ;)
  • /pos — View your coordinates
  • /rules ("1", "2", "3", "4", "5") — See our rules or learn about a specific one
  • /donate — Get an in-game link to donate
  • /features — Get an in-game link to the donor benefits page on our wiki
  • /plugins — See a list of the main plugins loaded on a realm
  • /version — Check the Minecraft version the server is running on
  • /user [player] — Search for the full username of a player with just a few characters
  • /uuid [player] — Check the UUID (unique identifier) of an account
  • /realname [nickname] — Find out who is using the specified nickname
  • /code [code] — Activate a Cobalt gift code or personal plus code
  • /tag — On servers with PvP areas, check your remaining time before you can logout
  • /plus — Learn about becoming a Member of Cobalt
  • /tps — View the ticks per second of the server

Donor commands
Donors have access to more advanced commands with extra features. For a complete list, see our donation benefits wiki page.

  • /craft — Open a portable crafting table
  • /enderchest — Open your ender chest
  • /jump — Teleport to the location of your crosshair
  • /smelt [amount] — Smelt your held items for a small fee
  • /near — See a list of nearby players
  • /disenchant — Remove all enchantments from the held item
  • /rocket — Launch yourself in the air (you might want to enable /god mode first!)
  • /back — Teleport to the location you last were at
  • /name [text] — Set the name of the held item to a specified text
  • /fly — Enable or disable fly mode
  • /clear — Clear your inventory
  • /repair — Removes all damage from the held item
  • /speed [integer] — Set your flying or walking speed
  • /speed reset — Reset your flying and walking speed
  • /god — Enable or disable invincibility
  • /hat — Set your helmet to the held item
  • /sit — Look at a chair while using this command to sit down
  • /starve — Deprive yourself of food
  • /upgrade — Upgrade your current donor rank to the next level
  • /nick — Learn about how to set a nickname
  • /nick clear — Reset your current nickname and show your username
  • /skill [effect] — Apply a skill to your character
  • /disguise [mob] — Disguise yourself as a mob
  • /undisguise — Remove your disguise
  • /enchant [enchantment] — Enchant your held item with an enchantment
  • /trash — Open a portable trash can; once closed all items inside will be disposed
  • /smite — Shoot down lightning from the sky
  • /milk — Remove all active potion effects
  • /slap [player] — Slap another player in the face
  • /mob [mob] [amount] — Spawn mobs at your location
  • /top — Teleport to the highest point above you

System commands
Systems are a group of similar commands that control the larger plugins, like contests, or the friend system.

Contests Only applicable on Creative Contests Wiki Page
  • /contest — Show information about the current contest
  • /contest submit [name] — Submit your entry where you are standing
  • /contest remove — Remove yourself completely from the contest
  • /contest list — View a list of submitted entries
  • /contest tp [#] — Teleport to an entry
  • /contest vote [#] — When the contest is in judging phase, submit your one vote for an entry

Lottery Economy Wiki Page
  • /lottery — Show information about the current lottery
  • /lottery buy [integer] — Purchase one (or multiple) $100 lottery tickets

  • /calc [number] [operation] [number] — Perform a mathmatical operation between two numbers. Example usage: /calc 8 + 2, see the in-game help guide with /help calc.

Friends Friends Wiki Page
  • /friend — Learn about the friend system
  • /friend add [player] — Request for someone to be your friend
  • /friend remove [player] — Remove a player from your friends
  • /friend ["accept", "reject"] — Accept or deny a friend request
  • /friend list — View a list of your current friends
Blocking / Unblocking
  • /unblock [player] — Stop blocking a certain person
  • /unblock all — Clear the list of people you are blocking
  • /block [player] — Hide teleport requests and private messages from someone
  • /block list — View a list of the people you are blocking

  • /help [topic] — Learn more about a topic. For a topic list, use /help.

Kits Not applicable on Creative Kits Wiki Page
  • /kit [kit] — Obtain a kit; higher-level donors get access to more kits

Modreq Ticket System Modreq Wiki Page
  • /modreq [message] — Submit a "mod request", or a help ticket

Preferences Settings Wiki Page
  • /setting [setting] — Change an in-game setting

Shop Only applicable on Survival and Skyblock Economy Wiki Page
  • /buy (amount) [item] — Purchase an item from the virtual shop
  • /sell (amount) [item] — Sell an item from the virtual shop
  • /worth [item] — Sell an item from the virtual shop

Chest protection Only applicable on Survival Chest Protection Wiki Page
  • /lock (player) — Use this while looking at a chest to lock it; include a player name to allow them to access the chest
  • /unlock (player) — Use this while looking at a chest to unlock it; include a player name to prevent them from accessing the chest
  • /info — Use this while looking at a chest to learn about its protection status
  • /viewAdmins only View a chest's contents
  • /emptyAdmins only Remove a protected chest's contents

  • /stats (player) — See a list of statistics
  • /serverstats — Learn about the global Cobalt stats
  • /popularity [command] — See how many times a specified command has been used

Warps Warps Wiki Page
  • /warp [warp] — Teleport to a predefined warp
  • /warp create [warp] — Set a warp to your current location
  • /warp info [warp] — Learn about who created a warp and how many times it was used
  • /warp delete [warp] — Delete a warp you created, Admins can delete any warp
  • /warp list — View a list of warps you own

Challenges Only applicable on Skyblock Challenges Wiki Page
  • /challenges — Retrieve help with the Challenges system
  • /challenges complete — Mark a challenge as complete

Clans Clans Wiki Page
  • /clan list — List all clans on Cobalt
  • /clan invite [player] — Invite someone to your clan
  • /clan promote [player] — Promote a player to the next rank
  • /clan demote [player] — Demote a player to the previous rank
  • /clan news (message) — View or post to the clan bulletin board
  • /clan chat [message] — Send a message to all online clan members
  • /clan disband — Permanently delete your clan and kick out all members

Auctions Only applicable on Survival and Skyblock Auctions Wiki Page
  • /auction start — Begin an auction with your held item
  • /auction info — Learn about the current item up for auction
  • /bid [integer] — Place a bid on the current item up for auction

Land Protection Only applicable on Survival Land Protection Wiki Page
  • /protect check — Select two points with a stick, then check the price of a region this size
  • /protect create [name] — Create a region between the two selected points
  • /protect rename [name] — Rename a region
  • /protect flag [flag] — Set a region flag
  • /protect delete — Delete the region you're standing in
  • /protect info — Learn about the region you're standing in

Islands Only applicable on Skyblock Islands Wiki Page
  • /island create — Create an island for yourself
  • /island info — Learn about the island you're standing on
  • /island add [player] — Allow a player to build on your island
  • /island remove [player] — Prevent a player from building on your island
  • /island delete — Delete your island and start over

Towns Only applicable on Survival Towns Wiki Page
  • /town create [name] — Create a town teleport point at your location
  • /town delete — Remove your current town
  • /town list — See a list of all towns
  • /town random — Teleport to a random town

Staff commands
These commands are used by only staff members, and assist with managing and moderating the server.

  • /mod — Open the moderator control panel
  • /whois [player] — View detailed information about a specified player
  • /chest-check [radius] [item] — Search nearby chests for an item
  • /mod security — Refernce command used to display the current available punishment types
  • /note [player] [message] — Add a note to a player's account
  • /notes [player] — View a player's added notes
  • /vanish — Hide yourself from other players
  • /cleareffect [player] — Useful for removing all potion effects from a specified player
  • /access-home [player] (home) — Return a list of a player's homes or teleport to a home
  • /modreq — See the Modreq wiki page for commands
  • /board — View the staff-only bulletin board
  • /board set[integer] [message] — Set line [integer] in the bulletin board
  • /board clear — Remove the messages from the bulletin board
  • /nick [player] [text] — Set an online or offline player's nickname
  • /nick [player] none — Remove an online or offline player's nickname
  • /permaban [player] — Permanently ban a player (cannot be undone)
  • /ban [player] [reason] — Normally ban a player, with a required reason
  • /confirmban [player] [reason] — Force the player to run an automated appeal process before rejoining
  • /pban [player] — Permanently ban a player
  • /unban [player] — Remove any current ban on an account
  • /warn [player] [reason] — Display a warning message to a player
  • /mute [player] [time] [reason] — Mute a player for a specified amount of time
  • /tpo [player] — Teleport to a player without asking
  • /tpohere [player] — Teleport a player to your location without asking
  • /tpos [player] — Silently teleport to a player (recommended /vanish mode)
  • /tposhere [player] — "Silently" teleport a player to your location
  • /freeze [player] — Prevent a player from moving, toggle
  • /milk [player] — Remove all active potion effects from a player

  • /admin — Open the administrative control panel, which literally can control anything
  • /dev — Open the developer control panel
  • /time [day/night/dawn] — Set the time
  • /say {flags} [message] — Broadcast a message (-g: global, -p: plain)
  • /killall [radius] — Kill mobs/entities in a specified radius (defaults to 40)
  • /news set line[#] [message] — Set the news
  • /news clear — Clear current news article
  • /reload [object] — Run a reload script on a specified object
  • /banip [ip] — Ban an IP address, not associated with any player ever
  • /auc clear — Cancel any running auction and return the items and bidding money
  • /setcode {parameters/flags} — Advanced command; don't use without prior knowledge
  • /inv [player] — View the inventory of a player
  • /enderchest [player] — Open another player's ender chest
  • /tprandom — Teleport to a random location within your world
  • /tppos [x] [y] [z] (world) — Teleport to specific coordinates