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Chatting in Color

Chat in style

What is color chat?
Most of the messages you see through the chat are colorful. The tips you receive on a regular interval have a green prefix, and a light gray message. The "VIP" rank tag for VIPs is yellow. The "Admin" tag is light blue. Error messages are red with dark gray brackets. All of these colors are possible thanks to Minecraft's color codes.

Using color codes
To use a color code, place the & symbol and a color code before the text you want to send. The list of color codes are below. For example, to make a sentence red, type &c before the message you want to send. Want to make the sentence purple? Add &d before it. Add a color code whenever you want to change the previous color to a different one.

Signs are the same
Elites (a donor rank) are able to place color codes on signs, making them look much better. The process and colors used are the exact same. For information on becoming an Elite, visit our online store .


This text is &aGREEN
&cRed font is &4awesome
You can &9even &ruse &oitalics
&6&lBOLD &r&6font? &rNo problem.
&aC &6o &el &2o &9r &d!

This text is GREEN

Red font is awesome

You can even use italics

BOLD font? No problem.

C o l o r !

List of Colors