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Going once, going twice

What are auctions?
Auctions are a fun, beneficial way to get rid of items you don't need and share them with others. Once an auction is started, others can bid on the item. The highest bidder wins the item.

Starting an auction
Assuming that there aren't any auctions running, use /auction start to begin one. Hold the item you want to auction off in your hand.

Bidding on an item
Once an auction is started, you will have one minute to bid on the item. The highest bidder wins the item. Use /bid [amount] to bid money from your /balance towards the item. If another person after you bids higher, you will get your money back. You can still raise the amount.

Learning about an auction
Before you bid, you'll want to know what you're bidding for. Use /auction info to see important information such as: the auction host, the item up for auction, how much the highest bid is, and how long the auction will run for before declaring a winner. You can use /auction item to see any enchantments, lore, or name on the item.

Cancelling an auction
In the event that you accidentally auction off an item you didn't intend to, use /auction cancel to cancel the currently running auction. Administrators can cancel any auction.



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