What are warps?

Traveling around the entire map on any server would be difficult! That's why we set up warps, which allow you to quickly teleport to popular points of interest with ease. To learn about the warp commands in-game, use /warp.

How can I see the available warps?

There are a lot of warps on each realm, but you can view a list of all warps with /warp list all. You may need to navigate to different pages to explore the available warps: for example, /warp list all 2 would show you page 2. You can also view the warps owned by a specific player by using /warp list [player]. To search through the warp database for one in particular, use /warp search [keyword]. To learn about a particular warp, use /warp info [warp], and to teleport to it, it's as simple as using /warp [warp].

How can I make my own warp?

Every player on Cobalt can create warps to their favorite destinations. Just use /warp create [warp] while standing at the location, provided the warp name doesn't already exist. Warp names must be less than 20 characters and cannot contain spaces. Different ranks have the ability to set more warps:

  • Member
    5 warps
  • Supporter
    10 warps
  • VIP
    20 warps
  • Elite
    35 warps
  • Premium
    80 warps

How do I modify a warp I own?

If you want to change the location of a warp you've made, just stand at a new location and use /warp move [warp]. You can delete one with /warp delete [warp], which will allow you to set more if you've reached your limit. Sometimes you may not want everybody visiting your warp. In that case, you can set a warp password. To set your password, use /warp password [warp] [password]. If you forget the password, you can use /warp info [warp] to view it, or /warp password [warp] clear to remove the password. Give the password to your friends to have them access the warp as well.

Can players teleport to my warp without a command?

If you're a VIP+, you can create warp signs, which allow players to simply right-click on a sign to be teleported. This can be helpful in parkour arenas, games or stories, roleplaying, in a town, or to easily navigate a big building. To create a warp sign, place a sign and write "[warp]" on line 1, and the name of your warp on line 2. If the warp sign creation was successful, the sign should now display "Warp to:" and be functional when right-clicked.

2-month vacation policy!

Keep in mind that if you are offline for 60 days, the server will automatically delete all of your warps, homes, nicknames, friends, blocks, regions, settings, balance, and ranks. Be sure to log in at least once every 59 days to avoid this.

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