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Survival Towns

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What are towns?

Towns are a brand new way to claim land and work together with other members of Cobalt on a shared project. If you build a town, you want to keep track of your citizens, collect rent or joining fees, and delegate authority to manage the town to several other people. The towns system lets you manage your town and has many helpful features to help you be an effective mayor.

How do I create a town?

Creating a town has no cost, and all players can create a town from the moment they first join Survival. To do this, just type /town create [name]. Where you are standing at the time of the command will become your town's spawnpoint. After creating the town, you'll enter the land claiming process. Simply hold a stick and right-click a block to claim the chunk that block is in. A chunk is a 16x16 area, and you can press F3+G to see chunk boundaries in your game. Once you right-click the chunk, a gold border will appear for a brief moment in the air above it. Each chunk you click costs $50 of in-game /money to claim, and when you are done with your claim, run /town confirm to claim the land and charge the amount displayed on your sidebar.

How do I join or visit a town?

You can view a list of all towns on Survival with /town list all (page), and teleport to any one of them with /town [town]. All towns can be visited, but many towns will require you to be invited in order to join and build in the town. You can use /town join while standing in the town to learn about it's joining requirements: if you have to be invited, if there is a one-time fee to join, or if there is a weekly tax.

How can I add players to my town? Is there a cost to have citizens?

To allow a player to build in the town's chunks, you can invite them with /town invite [player]. If accepted, they'll pay any applicable one-time joining fee (deposited to the /town bank) and they will become a Citizen. If you'd like to give them more permission, including the ability to create and modify Chest Shops on behalf of the town, and invite other players, you can promote them to an Official with /town promote [player]. To remove a Citizen from the town, use /town kick [player]. Each Citizen and Official you have will charge a $10 weekly tax to the /town bank. If the town's bank doesn't have enough money to pay for the members, it may be disbanded automatically. While the mayor doesn't incur any weekly fee, each Citizen and Official will. You can set a weekly tax for each player in the town if you like to offset that cost.

What can the mayor of a town do?

You can only be the mayor of one town at a time (that limit is increased to 2 for Premiums). As the mayor, you have full control over your town. You can promote and demote citizens, charge a one-time joining fee with /town fee, implement a weekly tax with /town tax before any members join, change the /town rules, claim more chunks with /town claim, move the town's spawn with /town spawn, or even disband the town permanently with /town disband.

How does the town bank and weekly tax work?

The town bank can be accessed with /town bank. Anybody, even a non-citizen, may add money to the bank with /town add [amount]. Any revenue or expenses from Chest Shops in the town will affect the town's bank. One-time join fees and weekly player taxes will be added to the bank, and the weekly $10 tax per town Citizen or Official will be removed from the bank. The taxes are charged and withdrawn every Sunday. And you can view a log of bank transactions that have occurred today with /town bank log. Only the town mayor may remove any funds from the bank with /town remove [amount].