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I need some help. Are staff members able to help me?

Our staff team should always feel welcoming and approachable, especially if you need help. (If not, be sure to let an Admin know: details below). If you need help with one of the following topics, staff will NOT be able to help you, so make sure your request doesn't involve:

  • reporting a player for breaking the rules (this should be done online, at
  • reporting a bug or something not working as expected (this should be sent to our development team via
  • giving a feature suggestion or requesting something to be added to Cobalt (we can only add your ideas if you submit them properly at
  • appealing a ban (if you or your friend gets banned, use to submit an appeal)
However, if one of the topics below applies to you, then keep reading!

My building was destroyed or things were changed without my permission

In the future, you may want to make a /region around your area. No worries though, our staff team will be able to fix this grief for free! Don't try to fix it yourself or we may not be able to help. To have your building fixed, use /ticket grief while standing at the location of the grief and looking at a block that was changed. Our staff team have a block logging system that can track who ruined your building. Your building will be restored and the player will likely be banned.

A purchase I made on the Cobalt store hasn't activated

Uh oh! Our donors are the people who support Cobalt the most, and we definitely don't want to keep you waiting from your new features. Log in with the account you used to make the purchase and use /ticket purchase. Please include the date and time of the order, any order number, the last four digits of the credit card (if applicable), and the amount spent. We will investigate within 24 hours and even give you something for your trouble. (Don't file a chargeback though, or you will be permanently banned... forever!) Check your /mail for a response to your ticket.

I'm having a problem with a place in the server

Do you see something blatantly wrong in one of our spawns? A typo on a sign? Something not make sense or not explained well? See another person's building that may be offensive? Report it to our staff by using /ticket problem while standing by and looking at the object in question. Be sure to describe the problem in detail so we are able to help! Check your /mail for a response.

I have a specific question, and I've already checked the Wiki

Every single command and feature on Cobalt is well-documented in the Wiki, which you are reading right now. Please look through the entire Wiki, as your question may be answered there. If not, you can still ask our staff team, but it may be better to ask on our /discord (, as other players will be able to help too. Use /ticket question if you weren't able to get it answered anywhere else, and check your /mail for a response.

I've found an exploit and it could be abused!

This isn't good, and we'll get it fixed right away. First: stop using the exploit. If you report exploits immediately when they're found, then you won't be punished. However, if you continue to use the exploit or tell other players about it, you risk being permanently banned. Describe in detail the exploit using /ticket exploit. Please check your /mail often, as we may have more questions for you.

A Moderator is abusing their power, and I don't know who to talk to

Our Leadership Team and Administrative Team doesn't like to handle grief reports or general questions, as our time is best spent working towards the server as a whole. However, if a member of our staff is misbehaving, please let us know by filing a discreet /ticket admin. We'll look into it and probably have more questions, so check your /mail often.

How can I check the status of my ticket?

Once you file a ticket, we'll send all the details to your /mail. Each ticket has a 2-3 digit ID that helps us reference it specifically. Use /ticket view [ID] to see any comments and updates on your ticket, or if your problem has already been fixed you can also /ticket close [ID].

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