How do I travel around the Cobalt Network?

Cobalt has four realms: Hub (the one you join when you log in), Survival, Creative, and Skyblock. To see a list of all realms, use /realms, and to teleport to a specific one, use /realm [realm], or simply /[realm]. For example, to teleport to Survival, use /survival.

How do I travel around a realm?

Once you're on the realm you want to be on, you'll most likely find yourself in the Spawn. Each realm has a spawn point, and you can return to it at any time by using /spawn. There are also other worlds. For example, in Survival, there is a Spawn world and a Build world. To leave the spawn and start playing on a realm, use /build to teleport. If you want to know what world you're in, use /world. Your coordinates can be easily accessed using /position. Each realm also has custom command teleports. Some you may find are: /pvp, /casino, and /shop.

How do I teleport to a specific player?

Want to play close to one of your friends? Build a town together? Use /teleport [player] to send a request to teleport to any player. If you're /friends with that person, you will automatically teleport and won't have to wait for them to accept. You can also request that they come visit you with /tphere [player].

How do I visit interesting locations on the realm?

Some Cobalt realms may have a tour set up with cool things to see if you just want to browse around. Use /tour start to go on a tour, and you can stop the tour at any time with /tour stop. See a list of each stop with /tour list, and teleport to a specific one with /tour teleport [ID]. You can submit your own spot by standing at it and using /tour submit [name]. You can also teleport to hundreds of warps around the realm by using /warp.

How can I get back to my home?

Once you find a place in the wilderness to set up shop (in Survival), use /home create to set that location as your home. If you're a donor, you can use /home create [name] and set multiple homes (view them with /home). Teleport to your home by using /home, or /home [name] if you have multiple homes.

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What teleportation commands do I get as a donor?

Donors get access to commands that help expedite their traveling around the Cobalt realms. They can /jump to any targeted block, or visit the /top of any building (the roof, most likely). You also can go /back to several previous locations in case you die or leave somewhere accidentally.

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