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Getting Around

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How can I switch between Cobalt realms?

Cobalt's realms include the Hub, Survival, Creative, and Skyblock. You can use the /menu to switch between realms, or use the realm name in a command for faster switching like this: /survival, or even simpler: /s. While in the Hub, you can use the /map to get around or see your location.

How can I travel around a Cobalt realm?

You'll find yourself at Spawn when you first join the Hub, Survival, or Creative. You can return to it at any time by using /spawn. On Skyblock, you'll start on your new Island. To start building on any of our realms, use /build. On Survival, this teleports you to a random location in the Build world. On Creative, this finds a new plot for you to build on. And on Skyblock, it generates a new Island for you. Our realms may have additional points of interest that you can teleport to, such as /pvp, /shop, /casino, /parkour, etc. If you want to learn about each realm and its features, use /tutorial.

How do I teleport to a specific player?

Want to play close to one of your friends? Build a town together? Use /teleport [player] to send a request to teleport to any player. If you're /friends with that person, you will automatically teleport and won't have to wait for them to accept. You can also request that they come visit you with /tphere [player].

How can return to my home?

If you want to save a current location to return to later, use /home create to set that location as your home. If you're a donor, you can use /home create [name] and set multiple homes. Teleport to your home or view a list of homes using /home, and teleport to a specific home with /home [home]. Delete an unwanted home with /home delete [home]. All members on Cobalt can have 1 home, but you can donate to get more.

How can I teleport to a public warp?

Some locations on Cobalt are open to the public, and you can see a list of them with /warp list all (page). Click on any warp in the list or use /warp [warp] to teleport to any one of them, or search for a specific one with /warp search [text]. To learn more about a particular warp, including who owns, where it is, it and how many times it's been used, use /warp info [warp].

How can I create a public warp?

If you have a location you'd like to have others visit, stand at its location and use /warp create [warp] to make a warp. You can also set a password which will be required for people to visit with /warp password [warp] [password], or clear the existing password with /warp password [warp] clear. You can also update the location of your warp by standing in a new location and using /warp move [warp]. To see a list of your warps, use /warp list, and click on any of them to teleport.

How can I create a clickable warp sign?

If you're a VIP+, you can create warp signs, which allow players to simply right-click on a sign to be teleported. This can be helpful in parkour arenas, games or stories, roleplaying, in a town, or to easily navigate a big building. To create a warp sign, place a sign and write "[warp]" on line 1, and the name of your warp on line 2. If the warp sign creation was successful, the sign should now display "Warp to:" and be functional when right-clicked.

How can I go back to previous locations?

Each time you teleport in a realm, your previous location is recorded and available to return to with /back. You can donate to receive additional locations to return to, and even go back to your last death location.

Extra Utility Commands

You can donate to receive additional teleportation commands. /jump will teleport you to the block you're looking at. /top will teleport you to the top of your current area.