Technical Rules
Obscure, good to know.

Vacation policy

The vacation cutoff is 2 months. The following may occur after 2 months of your inactivity: any griefs to your buildings will be removed from our database, your chests will be unlocked, any donor packages will be removed, and your in-game money as well as your items may be wiped. Please inform an administrator if you are planning for leaving for more than 2 months.

Dropped items

Dropped items belong to nobody. Just like mobs drop items that once belonged to them, you may drop items upon death or even accidentally. Since dropped items have no owner, anyone can pick up any dropped items.

Donor features

Donors are NOT allowed to give their items or features they received by donating to other members or even other donors. Anyone found possessing donor items or using a donor's features risks being banned. This includes (but isn't limited to): kit items, spawned mobs, using a donor's fly mode and teleporting to them, having colorful signs placed for you, etc.

Automatic farms

Auto farms are allowed, but not all of them will work on Cobalt. Feel free to build farms, but know that some of them will break and/or delete themselves upon creation. Sometimes, you may build an auto farm or mob grinder and it will work for a time. However, the server constantly monitors all sources of revenue. If an automatic farm you build has the potential to affect the economy, it can be disabled with no warning. Do not invest lots of time or resources into large-scale auto farms as they are not guaranteed to be functional forever.

AFK (away from keyboard)

Being AFK means that you will be unavailable for a short time, with the intentions of returning back to your keyboard in a timely manner. Our AFK system will track different events with your player to determine if you have been AFK for a long period of time. Depending on the events and the time period, you may be teleported to the spawn world of the realm you are on.

AFK Farming

AFK Farming is the act of being AFK while standing next to any sort of farm (normal or mechanical). Being AFK while farming keeps the chunk of the world loaded causing crops to continue to grow. Our automatic AFK system will move you to the Hub to unload the chunk so other players can load more chunks.

Preventing auto-AFK

After idiling for a time, you will be automatically placed in AFK mode. Using any sort of macro, client mod, or physical or technical change to Minecraft or your computer to prevent the auto-AFK functionality will be treated as harshly as someone using unapproved mods.

Alternate accounts

An alternate account is a Minecraft account that you use on the server in addition to your primary account. The use of an alternate account to help, aid or assist your or anyone else's primary is forbidden.

Teleport traps

If someone traps you or hurts/kills you when you teleport to them, take note of the coordinates, the user, and get as many screenshots as possible. You may report it to any online staff with the /modreq command, or report the player for further staff evaluation.

Villages and dungeons

Any server-generated structures belong to the server. Feel free to build in or grief server-generated structures, as long as no one else has been there. If it looks like someone's touched the structure, leave it alone. For confirmation whether the structure has been touched before, contact a staff member.

Staff impersonation

Changing your name, skin, head, or nickname to impersonate a staff member of Cobalt, Planet Minecraft, Mojang, or other organization is strictly prohibited on all Cobalt realms and Discord. Our staff members should be able to be clearly identified at all times, and attempting to make this identification difficult will result in a ban.

Combat logging

Combat logging occurs when you log off quickly to avoid death while PvPing. This is not allowed on any PvP-enabled realm, and will result in you losing your items. See our combat logging wiki page for more information.


We hire staff and train them specifically how to handle situations on Cobalt. If you (as a regular player) are jumping in with the knowledge you think you have, you might actually be giving false or inappropriate information to the person.

For example, we have trained our staff members to know what counts as "CAPS" and what doesn't. We explained to them about how the filter works and how they never really need to warn or talk about CAPS unless the filter is broken for some reason.

Now you as a regular player may know the rules very well, and you've seen the "do not use CAPS" rule plenty of times. So here comes a new player who says "HEY dude!". According to our staff rules and protocols, that's no where near breaking our "caps rule". You instantly say to them, without any authority or permission to do so, "stop using caps".

Your intentions may be great, and we appreciate that, but there's a difference between explaining a rule to someone and correcting them when they break it. Our staff know the right times to warn for mini-modding and the times to just "let it slide". If you feel you've been unfairly accused or warned of mini-modding, feel free to let us know. Otherwise, leave the staffing to the staff and leave the playing to the players!

Staff adding to regions

If a region is in your way, staff may give you access to it or delete it if:

  1. The owner has been banned.
  2. The owner has been offline for 2 months or around that time.
  3. The owner gives you permission. (proof required)
  4. The region is placed inside of a town, and the town owner clearly has a rule set about leaving chests and absences from the towns.

Ultimately it is up to the staff. They are trained to make these kinds of decisions.

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