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Store FAQ

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Thanks for supporting Cobalt!

We are a community-run network striving to provide a fun, family-friendly experience for everyone who joins. Purchasing a rank, gems, crates, or other items from our store helps us keep the server running, and in return we give you a few perks in-game and on our Discord.

How soon do I receive my perks?

Each rank comes with unique features, which are activated instantly upon a successful payment.

How long will I be able to use my perks?

When purchasing disposable items such as gems or crate keys, you can spend or redeem these items at your leisure. Gems and crate keys deplete after use, but never expire.

With the Pro rank, you can use your perks as long as you have an active subscription. A subscription can be monthly, annually (with a discount), or you can purchase months individually without renewal. Any monthly rewards earned from Pro are given on the first day of the subscription, each month.

Our classic Supporter, VIP, Elite, and Premium ranks will last for a lifetime, and include permanent perks that never expire.

What is my money used for?

Running a Minecraft network is not a cheap endeavor. Cobalt staff never uses money for personal gain or profit. Any unspent funds are deposited in a bank account for future use. 100% of your donation money goes to funding the server and paying for things like:

  • hardware (CPU, memory, storage)
  • high-speed internet
  • website (hosting, domains, payment processing)
  • DNS (port forwarding and IP tools)
  • DDoS/DoS mitigation and prevention
  • advertising
  • custom plugin design

Can I get a refund for my purchase?

All purchases are final and we do not generally offer refunds, except in some extreme situations. Please make sure to understand the features included your purchase and ask for help if you need it before purchase. If a payment is charged-back or dishonored in any way, your account will be instantly banned from our Minecraft network and Discord server until the chargeback is reversed, and you may be subject to additional fees, plus the amount of the dis-honored payment. Read our terms and conditions thoroughly before purchase.

What is Cobalt?

Minecraft servers allow you or your children to play with like-minded people around the world. They connect people together and provide new and interesting experiences, games and communities. Cobalt is a unique network with 100% custom features, tons of things to do, many great servers, a friendly community and dedicated staff and development team. Cobalt's been around for over 10 years!