Set your preferences.

How can I customize my experience at Cobalt?

We realize that every player likes to interact with the server differently. Some prefer to be more secluded and not be bothered by other players, while some would rather see full usernames instead of nicknames. Whatever the case, you can use /settings to adjust various things around the Cobalt network.

How can I toggle a setting?

All settings start out as being activated, or turned on. You can disable settings by using /setting [setting], or re=enable them with the same command. Lean more about what a specific setting does by using /setting info [setting], or see a list in-game with /setting list. It may take up to 1 minute for setting changes to sync across servers.

What settings are there to change?

Most settings can be changed by all players. However, certain ones are limited to VIP+, as denoted by a yellow dot.

  • nick: Nicknames can be colorful and distracting, and many players prefer to just see normal usernames. It makes it easier to talk to players in chat or teleport to them, because you know their real username right away. (Note: you can hover over their nickname in chat to see the full username.)
  • chat
    : While we really don't recommend turning chat off, it may be helpful if you're recording a YouTube video, or if you would like to play in silence.
  • death
    : Sick of seeing a chat message every time a player dies? Toggle this and you won't be notified.
  • economy
    : Messages in the chat from the lottery and other economy-related things won't show up. This only works on economy-based realms like Survival and Skyblock.
  • infractions: Most players don't care if another player gets warned or banned. Toggle this setting to not see infraction messages in chat.
  • login: When players log in and log out, a message is displayed in chat. Turn this setting off to not see that message.
  • message: All players are able to send and receive private messages (via /tell) by default. Private messages are not filtered, so you may have a better experience by disabling them.
  • afk: By default, you'll be notified when a player goes AFK, no matter which realm they're on. If you'd rather only be notified when a player on your current realm goes AFK, disable this setting.
  • popup: The command system on Cobalt is very powerful and everything can be done via commands. However, some bigger systems have nice GUIs (chests with clickable items) that pop up. If you don't want to see these popups and prefer to interact with Cobalt just using commands, this is for you.
  • sidebar
    : The sidebar is meant to be a non-intrusive way to learn quick information about your current realm, gems, balance, and ranks. Turn it off if you don't want to see it.
  • slap: Sometimes you may be slapped. This can be dangerous if you hang around lava or fire a lot, so you may want to turn slaps off. Keep in mind if you disable them, you also can't slap others.
  • teleport
    : Players like to teleport around to other players, but if you'd rather instantly reject all teleport requests, you can turn this setting off.
  • tips
    : Every 60 seconds, a helpful message appears in chat with a new command or feature. If you're already a Cobalt expert, you may not need this

2-month vacation policy!

Keep in mind that if you are offline for 60 days, the server will automatically delete all of your warps, homes, nicknames, friends, blocks, regions, settings, balance, and ranks. Be sure to log in at least once every 59 days to avoid this.

This article was last edited by joshwenke on November 13th, 2018.