Global Rules
These are important.

1 Respect everyone at all times

We expect everyone in the community to respect others. This includes other players, and staff especially. Respect means that you listen to and be mindful of other people. If a staff member corrects your or asks you a question, you should act mature and respectful to them. If you disagree with another player, don't be a jerk.

2 Keep chat clean (no swearing, spam, or advertising)

No swearing includes swearing, cussing, cursing of any kind. We don't tolerate buildings of swear words or signs of them either. No spamming means that you don't use "noisy" chat, or repeat the same letter/message multiple times. No advertising means that you don't post links or talk about other servers. English only, no politics/religion/flirting means that in public chat, you speak only English and don't talk about politics, religion, or flirt with others.

3 No client modifications or exploits may be used

A list of allowed mods can be found at our allowed mods page. Other than the list provided there, client modifications may not be used! If you have a question about whether or not you can use a mod, please ask an Administrator and they can confirm or deny it for you. We also ask that any exploits you discover be brought to the attention of an Administrator immediately. If you were to use an exploit for an unfair advantage, we will ban you if you don't let us know about it.

4 No griefing, stealing, property destruction, or trolling

We ask that you leave the things you don't own alone. This means that you don't go through someone else's house, you don't add or remove blocks from structures you don't own, and you don't use buildings to troll or hurt other players. Griefing means breaking things you don't own, and that is not allowed on any Cobalt server.

5 No offensive buildings, skins, or exploits

Please do not build Nazi symbols (or discuss them), build offensive buildings, log in with inappropriate usernames, or use nude skins. Don't be offensive towards any other players or groups of people with your messages, builds, actions, usernames, or signs.

Additional Guidelines

1. Account Security
We ban accounts, not people. Keep your account safe from your little brothers and sisters. If unauthorized access to your account occurs, it is YOUR responsibility and YOUR fault, not ours. If the account was used for griefing or other malicious things, it is still entirely your fault.

2. Topic Observation
When you enter the chat for the first time try to observe the topics before you contribute something. If you don't like the conversations, use private messages or don't contribute.

3. Stay Positive
Everyone is sometimes in a bad mood; however such feelings don't belong in the chat! There is no need to ruin the fun for the others as well. Most conversations are meant to be funny, however not everyone shares your sense of humor! Something you may find humorous may offend someone else. Do your best to use good judgment for all chat messages you send.

4. Help Others
Help the new guys! Recall the time when you were new to the game, if people didn't help you back then, it's your chance now to do it better. Don't make them feel even more intimidated by insulting them and calling them names. Calling someone "noob" is disrespectful and not allowed.

5. Direct Conversation
When you talk to someone call that person by their name, or else he or she won't recognize that you're talking to him or her.

6. Observing Rule-Breakers
If someone refuses to obey the rules, ignore that person! Do not discuss it since it might annoy others as well and make the situation worse. That person will get bored soon, if he/she still does not stop, then report it on the forums or contact a staff member.

7. Illegal / Piracy Acts
Those that publicly incite others to commit criminal offenses here will be immediately banned. Acts of piracy will also not be tolerated. If you see anyone committing piracy or engaging in illegal activity, report directly to the administrators who will redirect the user in suspicion to the police.

8. Grammar Obsessions
Not all people are English teachers and experts when it comes to perfect spelling. Spelling mistakes can often lead to unintended misunderstandings. Please don't insult people for typos and misspellings. However, if you do notice a typo in our official documentation, feel free to let us know!

9. Color Codes
You may have the ability to use color codes. Keep the colors down to a minimum so you are not "noisy" in chat.

10. Mini-modding
Do not correct the behavior of other users. There's a difference between helping them understanding a rule and telling them "no". Punishments are to be handed out by the staff members, not by a regular player.

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