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Get Plus (+)

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What is the Plus (+) rank?

You can get the Plus (+) rank for free by connecting your Minecraft account with your Discord account, which helps keep you connected with our community. It takes just a minute to connect your accounts. You will need to link your accounts before you're able to see our Discord channels or start chatting with the community.

Which features are included in the Plus (+) rank?

  • An Epic crate
  • Free WorldEdit commands in Creative
  • Any ranks sync to Discord automatically
  • The ability to apply for Builder and Developer positions
  • Personalized notifications to Discord about critical in-game updates

How do I get the Plus (+) rank?

  1. Log in to the Cobalt website, and register if you don't have an account yet
  2. Join our Discord server
  3. Click on Cobalt
    in the player list
  4. Type !plus and press enter
  5. Check your Discord private messages for a message from Cobalt. If you don't see one, right-click the "Cobalt Network" server name, then choose "Privacy Settings" and make sure you can receive messages.
  6. Copy the command from Cobalt
  7. Join our Minecraft server and paste the command