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Plots & WorldEdit

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How do I start building on Creative?

When you first join our /creative realm, you'll find yourself in the /spawn. From here you can do some parkour, or walk into a portal ahead of you to create a new plot or teleport to your existing plot. Each player receives a free 255x255 plot in the Plots world, all you have to do is type /plot auto to claim the next available one. Or, if you see a particular plot you want, you can use /plot claim while standing in it. Get more plots with gems by using the /gems plots menu. Supporters start with 2 total plots, VIPs get 4, Elites get 6, and Premiums get 8.

How do I teleport between plots?

Each plot has a Plot ID, which you can view with /plot info while standing on it. See a list of all plots on Cobalt with /plot list all, or use /plot list mine to view a list of plots that you own. As a Supporter+, you can set a /plot alias that people can use instead of a plot ID. Use /plot visit to teleport to any one of them. You also can set your home or create a warp at the plot location for quicker access.

How do I let others help me build?

Teamwork is very important, especially on large projects. You can allow others players to build on your plot with /plot add [player], which will give them building permissions only while you are online on the Creative realm. If you trust them and want to let them build even when you're offline, you can use /plot trust [player] to give them even more freedom. To remove an added player, use /plot kick [player]. If a player is being particularly annoying, as an Elite+ you can prevent them from even entering your plot with /plot deny [player]. You can view a list of players added to the plot with /plot info.

How do I change the weather, time, biome, and other flags in my plot?

Things like plot weather, time, biome, and other properties are flags, and can be modified with the /plot flag menu. Elites+ are able to set a wide variety of flags, and Premiums can set any flag. These flags allow you to let random players click on buttons, change the gamemode of players entering your plot, prevent snow from melting, send a message when they enter or leave, prevent item drops, and much more. Use /plot flag list to see a list of available flags, and /plot flag set [flag] [value] to update a flag's value. You can view a list of flags applied to the plot with /plot info. You can view more information about each plot flag and what it does by clicking here .

Feature Command Default Supporter VIP Elite Premium
Fix lighting issues on your plot /plot relight
Rate or comment on a plot /plot rate or /plot comment
Set your plot home /plot sethome
Use a plot alias instead of ID /plot alias set [alias]
Set your plot description /plot desc [text]
Teleport to the plot's center /plot middle
Unlink merged plots /plot unlink
Merge nearby plots together /plot merge
Set your plot biome /plot biome [biome]
Prevent people from entering /plot deny [player]
Play music while on your plot /plot music
Set plot flags /plot flag time, weather, music, disable-physics, forcefield, vehicle-use, vehicle-place, vehicle-break, place, break, use titles, greeting, farewell, notify-enter, notify-leave, no-worldedit, instabreak, fly, gamemode
Export/import plots as a schematic /plot schematic
Download/upload plots /plot download
Deny everyone from your plot /plot deny *

How do I use WorldEdit on my plot?

Our Creative realm gives you access to the popular WorldEdit plugin while on a plot in which you have building permissions. This plugin allows you to perform block operations on a large scale, helping build more quickly and efficiently. You should do research into how to use WorldEdit. Our team will not help with WorldEdit questions, as they are common knowledge on the internet. Below is a list of WorldEdit commands you can use, and the rank required to perform each operation. You must get our free Plus rank to use any WorldEdit features.

Feature Commands Plus Supporter VIP Elite Premium
Region selection List
Region selection List
Clipboard and selection List and List
Terrain aesthetics //fill, //green, //drain, //fixlava, //fixwater, //fall, //snow, //thaw, //extinguish, //butcher
Navigation //unstuck, //thru, //up, //ascend, //descend
Remove, replace, & super pickaxe //remove, //removenear, //replace, //replacenear, //stack
Tools List
Brushes List and List
Generation List
Math calculations //calc
Schematic access //schematic
Download your clipboard //schematic download