Infractions & Bans

What are infractions?

When you break a /rule on Cobalt, you may receive an infraction. Infractions are an official warning and notification that a rule was broken, and your infraction history helps staff hold you accountable. Be sure that you are familiar with our /rules before playing to avoid receiving infractions.

How do I know if I have infractions?

To view a list of infractions you've received, use the /infractions command. To check the infractions of another player, use /infractions [player]. Players able to see other players' infractions to help hold everyone accountable, and also provides a good indication of if the player can be trusted for a house rental, for example.

What kinds of infractions are there?

There are several kinds of infractions that Cobalt staff members can issue. Usually they are issued in ascending order (we'll warn you before we ban you), but the type of infraction issued after breaking a rule is always up to the discretion of the staff member.

  • Verbal warning: While not an official infraction, if a staff member asks you to stop something, change the way you are behaving, or not repeat an action in the future, you should consider it an infraction. Staff members may or may not add a note to your account, in case you break a rule again. Neither notes nor verbal warnings show up on your /infractions.
  • Warning: A warning is an official notice that you have broken a rule. Think of it as a parking ticket, for example. Do not panic if you receive a warning, there are no consequences and warnings are often issued for first offenses. When you receive a warning, do not repeat your actions or you may face more severe consequences in the future.
  • Mute: When muted, you are not able to chat or use chat-related commands. Mutes are often issued for chat-related offenses, like swearing, advertising, and disrespect. Mutes automatically expire after an amount of time determined by past infractions.
  • Confirm Ban: These infractions are unique to Cobalt, and streamline the process of rejoining the server. A confirm ban (c-ban, cban) is a ban (banishment) from Cobalt, but can be lifted if you promise to not break any rule again. When confirm-banned, you can still log in to the Hub but you are not able to chat, walk around, or teleport to other realms. Use /appeal to start the appeal process in-game.
  • Ban: Usually issued after multiple infractions for the same reason, bans are permanent and completely lock you out from joining Cobalt. Bans can be lifted by appealing online at Appeals may take up to 7 days to be acknowledged, as the staff member who issued the infraction has to respond directly.
  • Permanent Ban: Usually only issued after a ban, permanent bans cannot be appealed. Think of it as "three strikes and you're out." When you are permanently banned you will never again be able to rejoin Cobalt.

How long do infractions last? How do they go away?

Infractions stay on your account permanently, and never expire. However, if you believe that you were issued an infraction in error, or if a staff member was abusing their power (example: you receive an infraction because you had a disagreement with a staff member on a different game), please contact an Administrator to begin an investigation (use /ticket admin in-game).

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