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What are gems?

Gems are a global currency that can be used across the entire Cobalt network. Gems can be used to buy unique items that can't be found anywhere else. Gems can't be traded between players, and they're harder to obtain compared to in-game money.

How can I earn gems?

  • Buying gems from our store
  • Get the Pro rank to get double gems
  • Daily rewards in the Hub
  • /vote for Cobalt each day
  • Get the free Plus rank
  • Complete the /tutorial on each realm
  • Opening crates
  • Finishing /parkour on each realm
  • Invite someone before they join Cobalt
  • Participating in or winning a /contest
  • Complete the /maze on the Hub
  • Complete the Hub adventure, with changes and new rewards often

What can I buy with gems?

You can trade your gems for a variety of items and perks, and each of our realms has great things that gems can buy. Use /gems to open the gems store at any time.

Cooldown removals

Sick of waiting for your cooldowns to finish? For 100 gems per hour, you can have any active cooldown reset


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