Powerful Cobalt currency.

What are gems?

Gems are a global currency that can be used across the entire Cobalt network. Gems can be used to buy unique items that can't be found anywhere else. Gems can't be traded between players, and they're harder to come by than in-game money.

How can I get gems?

There are several ways to get gems on Cobalt:

  • Buying gems at our online store is the easiest method to acquire them. You will have to be logged in to the website to purchase gems. When you purchase a larger number of gems, you get some extra ones for free!
  • Participating in and winning contests
  • Completing quests
  • Spinning the /casino in Survival
  • Secret codes found on our website and YouTube channel
  • Becoming a Plus (+) member
  • Giveaways on our Discord server
  • Completing the /maze, Hub Adventure, and /parkour in the Hub

What can I spend my gems on?

In-game money
1 gem per $50
Convert your gems to in-game money on Survival and Skyblock. Each gem yields $50 of in-game money. To buy this item, use /gems money buy [amount].
Drop party tickets
500 gems per ticket
Drop parties occur in Survival. They're a fun way to give free, rare items to the whole server, and to yourself! To buy this item, use /gems money buy [amount].
Price varies
Once purchased, kits are unlocked and can be used infinitely. Kits have a variety of items. To buy this item, use /gems kits buy [kit]. For a list of kits you can buy, use /kits list.
Price varies
Once purchased, you can have a cute friend follow you around. To buy this item, use /gems pets buy [pet]. For a list of pets you can buy, use /pets list.
Cooldown removals
100 gems per cooldown
Sick of waiting for a command or feature to be ready to use again? Use /cooldowns to see a list of all your active cooldowns. To buy this item, use /gems cooldowns buy [cooldown].
Survival shop rentals
10 gems/week
Rent out a stall in the Survival spawn shop to sell your items to lots of visitors. To rent a spot in the spawn shop, use /rent.
Nether and End resets
30 gems/reset
The Nether and End reset each day. However, once the dragon is killed, he won't respawn until tomorrow. Want to reset one of these worlds to a fresh state? Use /gems reset buy Nether or /gems reset buy End.
Creating a clan
500 gems
Owning a clan means you can chat and interact with an exclusive group of people that you invite. Use /clan create to create your own clan, and visit the clans page for more info.
Buying a backpack
250 gems/row
Buying a backpack gives you a chest item that, when right-clicked, opens up a virtual backpack to store items inside of. Use /gems backpack buy [rows] to buy this item, with 1 to 6 rows.
Skyblock island types
Price varies
Sick of the basic Skyblock island design? Get access to create different variations of Skyblock islands. Use /gems island buy [type] to buy this item.
10 gems
Annoyed with the rain? Buy an umbrella to make the rain stop in that world. Use /gems umbrella buy to buy this item. Once purchased, the rain will stop immediately.
Casino spin resets
20 gems
You can only spin the casino 5 times per day for free. After that, you'll need to wait until the next day, or buy a casino reset. Use /gems casino buy to be able to spin the casino again.

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