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Friends & Blocking

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I've made a friend on Cobalt!

That's great! We have a great community and pride ourselves in it. If you'd like to connect with your new friend long-term, you can add them as a friend. When you have a friend, you will be notified each time they log in, and you will see every chat message they send (regardless of what you have disabled in /settings). In addition, any time you /teleport to a friend (excluding staff members), you'll teleport instantly without asking them permission. If you're fighting mobs nearby and your friend is close to you, the damage you inflict may automatically be increased just because your friend is standing next to you. You can also right-click any friend to transfer some of your hearts to them (not available while in /god mode).

How do I add or remove friends?

You can use /friend add [player] to invite someone to be your friend. This sends them an invitation that they must accept to actually be friends. Use /friend list to see your friends, and view an indicator of whether they're online or offline. To remove someone as a friend, just use /friend remove [player]. They will not be notified, but next time they check their friend list you will be gone. You can also see the friend list of another player by using /friend list [player].

I've met someone that I don't like. What can I do?

If you see someone being particularly toxic in chat, you can block them so you don't see any of their chat messages, teleport requests, channel invitations, or private messages. Use /block [player] to add someone to your block list. They won't know that you blocked them until they try to interact with you. If you'd like to remove someone from your list, just use /unblock [player]. To see a list of everyone you've blocked, use /block list.

I've met someone that's breaking the rules. What can I do?

Please log in and then submit a player report, only if you are sure a player has broken a rule, and only if you attach adequate proof that a rule was broken.

  • If a player has an inappropriate username or skin, no proof is necessary.
  • If a player broke a rule in a chat message, click on the gray icon right before the message to report it to the staff.
  • If the player built an inappropriate structure or sign, a single screenshot attached to the report is often enough proof.
  • If the player is using mods or hacks, a video is required. You can upload this to YouTube and provide a link, or attach the video to the report provided it is less than 50mb.