Economy & Shop
Earn and spend money.

How does the economy work?

On Survival and Skyblock, you'll find a virtual economy system that makes your experience more engaging. Every player has a /balance, and you can check someone else's balance by using /balance [player]. While the money you see here is just digital and has no real-world value, you can use it just like you would real money! You can buy things from the shop, rent out a room in someone's hotel, or send money to your friend for their help.

How do I earn money?

You can earn in-game money in a variety of ways. The easiest is by mining, digging, or chopping and selling the items you pick up to the /shop. You can also put your items up for sale on the /market (wiki page link). Often players will need help building, and you could offer your services for money as well. Strike it rich at the /casino, or try your luck in the /lottery. You can also set up a /chestshop and have players buy items from you! One of the fastest and easiest ways to get in-game money is to purchase /gems and then exchange your gems for money.

How can I send money to other players?

Use /pay [player] [amount] to transfer money from your account to someone else's account. You can pay people whether they are online or offline. If they're offline, they'll receive a /mail message that they have been paid. Be sure to take screenshots of the confirmation message in case of a dispute in the future.

How can I use the shop?

The /shop is available in the /spawn of Survival and Skyblock. There, you are able to sell some common items. The server shop doesn't have every item in stock, mainly because we want players like you to set up your own /chestshop. However, it is easy to sell items there. If you're a Premium, you can use /sellall to sell every applicable item in your inventory. You can use /sell [amount] [item] to sell items when outside of the physical shop. If you're curious about the price of an item, you can hold it and check its /worth, or use /worth [item] to check the price of any item. The shop has each item at a baseline price, and the selling price is 75% of the baseline.

I have some great items I'd like to sell. How can I do that?

There are two ways: set up a /chestshop, or use the /market. Setting up a chest shop is easy! Just place a chest and fill it with the item you want to sell (one type of item per chest, please). Then, place a sign right next to the chest. Use the /chestshop command and follow instructions in chat. If you'd rather sell items in a virtual environment, use the /market. You can hold an item and use /market add [price] to allow other players to buy it. To view every item up for sale, use /market view. You can filter by a specific player using /market player [player], or view your own personal market with /market personal. Want a specific item? You can use /market find [item] to see if it's up for sale. Once you see an item you want, note its ID and use /market info [ID] to learn about it, or /market buy [ID] to buy it.

2-month vacation policy!

Keep in mind that if you are offline for 60 days, the server will automatically delete all of your warps, homes, nicknames, friends, blocks, regions, settings, balance, and ranks. Be sure to log in at least once every 59 days to avoid this.

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