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Economy & Shop

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How does the economy work?

On Survival and Skyblock, you'll find a virtual economy system that makes your experience more engaging. Every player has a /balance, and you can check someone else's balance by using /balance [player]. While the money you see here is just digital and has no real-world value, you can use it just like you would real money! You can buy things from the shop, rent out a room in someone's hotel, or send money to your friend for their help.

How do I earn money?

You can earn in-game money in a variety of ways. The easiest is by mining, digging, or chopping and selling the items you pick up to the /shop. You can also put your items up for bids in an /auction. Often players will need help building, and you could offer your services for money as well. Strike it rich at the /casino, or try your luck in the /lottery. You can also set up a /chestshop and have players buy items from you!

How do I earn money?

Use /pay [player] [amount] to transfer money from your account to someone else's account. You can pay people whether they are online or offline. If they're offline, they'll receive a /mail message that they have been paid. Be sure to take screenshots of the confirmation message in case of a dispute in the future.

How do I use the shop?

The /shop is available in the /spawn of Survival and Skyblock. There, you are able to sell and buy some common items. The shop will have different items in stock each day, so make sure to check back daily for new deals and sales. Each villager sells a unique set of items, so make sure to visit each of them to see all items in stock.

How can I sell items that aren't in the shop?

There are two ways: set up a /chestshop, or host an /auction. You can create a Chest Shop to sell items to other players, and buy items as well. You can set your own prices, and keep the chest stocked at your own pace. Money received from Chest Shops will be deposited into your town bank. You can right-click on the Chest Shop's sign to get a summary of transactions during the day. If you'd rather sell up to a stack of items ad-hoc, start an /auction. Select the item you want to auction in your hotbar, then use /auction [price], which sets a minimum price for the item(s). Other players can then /bid on the item and the winner will get to have it, while you get the funds from the sale.