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Crates & XP

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What are crates?

Crates are rare boxes of loot that contain a random amount of rewards and can only be opened with a crate key. You can open crates and check how many crates keys you have on the /hub by clicking on the enchanting table. The Pro rank gives a 50% greater chance to receive crate keys from leveling up.

Basic crate

A simple crate which contains a small amount of gems, XP, and Survival cash. You can earn this crate when you /vote 5 times in a day.

Rare crate

A crate with a decent amount of XP and gems and more Survival cash. Earn this crate when you complete the /parkour on each realm.

Epic crate

Guaranteed triple-digit gems with a chance of winning other surprise rewards. Awarded when you get the Plus rank.

Legendary crate

Potential for 4-digit XP and gems, with a 50% chance of winning an amplifier. Awarded when you log in for 21 consecutive days without missing any.

Cobalt crate

Extremely rare crate with exclusive secret items, a guaranteed amplifier, and a chance of a Pro rank!

What is XP?

Each player can gain experience points, or simply XP, from many different activities around the Cobalt network. When you get enough XP, you will level up and receive some gems. When you reach certain levels, you may even receive a crate key! You can check your amount of XP and current level, as well as see how much more XP is needed to advance to the next level with /xp. To view another player's XP and level, use /xp [player].

What are amplifiers? How do I know if Cobalt is amplified?

An amplifier provides double XP, double gems, and a Rare crate (instead of Basic) when using /vote on all 5 sites to all online players on any Cobalt realm. To use an amplifier, see if the server is amplified, or check how many amplifiers you have, use /amplifier. You can activate one and it will last for one hour. During this time, other players can /thank you and you'll both get some XP as a reward. Win amplifiers in Legendary or Cobalt crates, and get one for free every month with the Pro rank.