What are contests?

Every so often, a staff member may choose to host a building contest on any of the Cobalt realms. Usually contests are done on Creative, but occasionally you'll find some on Survival and Skyblock. (If you have a good contest idea, let a Moderator know and they may be able to make it happen!) To see which contests are running on each realm, use /contest details. To learn more about a contest on a specific realm, use /contest details [realm]. The contest system stores an entry at a specific location, so usually contest objectives involve building something with a theme.

Can I see what other people have submitted?

If you need some inspiration or just want to look at cool entries, use /contest list to see all of the submissions on your current realm. You can use /contest info [ID] to learn more about a specific entry, or use /contest teleport [ID] to see it in person.

Which entry will win? What is the prize?

The prize varies from contest to contest. Usually there is a gem or in-game money reward, but sometimes you may find that the winning submission gets moved to a different server, or placed in the Hub. For a full summary of the prize, please visit, as it's easier to put those details on a website rather than in-game. If the contest is in a voting phase, you can /contest vote [ID] for your favorite entry. Each player can vote for none, one, or all of the entries (only one vote per entry), and any evidence of bribing players to vote for you, or using alternate accounts, will result in you being permanently banned from participating in contests, and potentially a ban to your account as well.

I'd like to submit an entry!

We encourage every player to submit an entry to the contest, no matter what their building skills are. Usually every participant gets some kind of prize. If you want to submit something, please first visit This is required, as there you will learn about the theme, requirements, and rules of your entry. (You don't want it to be disqualified!) Once you've read the rules, and once your submission is complete (keep in mind the due date, and make sure to submit before then), use /contest submit while standing at the location of your entry. Winners will be notified via in-game /mail and also posted on the website.

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