Combat Logging

What is combat logging?

Combat Logging occurs when you're PvPing with someone else and you use unfair game mechanics (like /spawn, or logging out) to prevent yourself from losing your items by dying. In theory, you could log out just before you die, and the attacker wouldn't be able to hurt you any more and go away. Then you'd log back on and keep your items. With our Combat Log prevention, we stop you from being able to use commands or unfair potions during combat, and kill you if you log out while in combat.

How do I get tagged?

As soon as you hurt someone or something - a person, animal, monster, etc. - you initiate 10 seconds of tag time. In this 10 seconds, you can't use commands. If you decide to log off before the 10 seconds is up, you will find yourself dead when you log back in.

How do I know if I'm tagged?

You'll usually know if you're tagged, you won't be able to do anything except fight and run away. However, we set up a command you can use to check if you're still in combat - just to be safe. Use /tag to check your tag status on any PvP-enabled realm.

Remember the rules

Remember: the rules still apply to PvP. If you decide to Combat Log without knowing what it is, that's your fault and your loss. Do not complain about lost or stolen items, because we simply cannot retrieve them for you. Combat Logging is considered cheating, and cheaters will be punished by losing their stuff.

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This article was last edited by TonyMaster21 on November 5th, 2018.