What are clans?

Clans make it easy to connect with a group of friends. As Cobalt is not a PvP server, they are different from factions. Clans allow you to form a group that can chat together, play together, and set a central home location together. Your clan data will sync between realms, so you can be on different realms and still stay connected. A list of in-game help commands for the clan system can be viewed with /clan.

How many clans are there? How can I see them?

Clans are created by players like you, and more are created all the time. To see a list of all the clans on Cobalt, use /clan list. Since there are more clans than can fit on your screen, you can do /clan list [page] to see more parts of the list. When you see a clan that's interesting, you can use /clan info [clan] to see who the leader is, who the members are, and more general information. If you're already in a clan, /clan info will show you information about it.

How can I make my own clan?

Clans require 500 gems to create. Once you have 500 gems, decide on a name for your clan. Names must be between 3 and 16 characters, and you can't use the name of a clan that already exists. Once you have a name, use /clan create [name] to add your clan to Cobalt.

How would someone join or leave a clan?

To join a clan, you must be invited by one of the clan officers or the clan leader. Use /clan invite [player] to invite someone to your clan. If they are offline, they might join right away. If they are offline, they can check their /mail and see the invitation next time they log in. If you would no longer like to be in your clan, you can use /clan leave to be removed. If you leave your clan, you'll have to be reinvited if you want to rejoin. As a clan officer or clan leader, you can kick members from your clan with /clan kick [player].

What are the roles I can have in a clan? How do I change roles?

There are five different levels, or roles, that come with different permissions. You can promote and demote members to certain levels depending on your role. Use /clan promote [player] and /clan demote [player] accordingly.

  • Clan Leader: there can only be one clan leader, and they are the person who originally purchased and started the clan. They have full permission to all commands, and can kick officers and promote a member up to an officer.
  • Clan Co-Leader: co-leaders are trusted members of the clan that have the same permissions as the clan leader, except they can't promote people up to a co-leader.
  • Clan Officer: an officer is able to invite members to join the clan and promote guests to members. They can also kick out members and guests from the clan.
  • Clan Member: as a clan member, you have access to see the clan's home as well as set a nickname for yourself in clan chat. Clan members can also send out mail messages to all clanmates.
  • Clan Guest: guests are only able to use the clan chat.

How can I use the clan chat? Can I change my nickname?

One of the best perks of being in a clan is the global, centralized chat system. To send a message to all online clan members, use /clan message [text]. You can also start any chat message with the pound/hashtag symbol (#) to send the chat message to clan chat. Everyone in the clan except for clan guests have the ability to set a nickname. This nickname is only available in the clan chat interface, and is different from the /nicknames you can set as a donor. To set your nickname, use /clan nick [nickname]. If you'd like to view your current nickname, use /clan nick. If you're unsure of the player behind a nickname, just check out your clan's /clan info page and you will see a list of all players, as well as their nicknames. Everyone except guests are able to send out a message that will show up in your entire clan's /mail. To do this, use /clan mail [message].

What is my clan home? How can I change it?

Clan homes are local to each Cobalt realm, which means that you can set a different home per-realm. To teleport to your clan's home if it's set, use /clan home. To change the location of your clan's home, use /clan home set while standing at the new location. To clear your home location, use /clan home clear. Keep in mind this is different than the /homes system.

Can I disband my clan? Change the name? Change the leader?

Unfortunately, once you pick a clan name, you are stuck in that clan and as the leader of that clan. You are not able to change the name or the leader of a clan. If you'd like to permanently delete the clan (which will allow you to make a new one or join a different one), use /clan disband. Keep in mind that this will kick out all members!

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