Chat and Messaging
Staying in the loop.

How do I chat?

One of the great things about Cobalt is the friendly community that you can chat with. To open your chat, press the T button and type a message. When you've typed your message, press ENTER to send it. Be sure your message follows our rules. You can also run commands this way.

How do I use commands?

Commands are anything prefixed with a slash (/). For example, /hub will take you back to the Hub. Just press T, type /hub, and press ENTER to run the command. Some commands have arguments, which are basically a slot that you can fill with whatever you want. For example, if you want to pay someone, you have to tell the server two things: who you want to pay and how much to send. An example command could be /pay [player] [amount], and using /pay Notch 100 would send $100 to Notch. If an argument has square brackets (like our example above), the argument is required and the command will not work without an argument. Other arguments that have parentheses are optional, and the command can work with or without the argument. Commands with curly braces are advanced and usually have special parameters.

Common arguments:

  • player: Usually you can enter the name of an online or offline player. If the player is online on Cobalt (on any realm), you can just enter part of their username (provided there are not two people with the same first few characters in their username). Otherwise, you must enter the full and complete username. Capitalization does not matter.
  • message or text: This can be any string of text. Sometimes messages support color codes (see below for information on color codes).
  • amount: Usually an amount is a positive integer (1, 4, 1500)
  • realm: One of the realms on Cobalt. See a list with /realms. You can use the full realm name, like "Survival", or the abbreviation, like "s".
  • item: Item names on Cobalt do not have weird characters or random numbers to memorize. Simply use the full English name of an item. Example: "blue stained glass block". Sounds a lot better than "minecraft:blue_stained_glass" right?
  • mob: Same rules apply for mobs. Enter a mob name as you would write it, in plain English.

Commands are the primary to interact with the server. While they have a bit of a learning curve to get the hang of, they're powerful tools and allow quick navigation. If you ever don't know the syntax for a command, just use the base command. For example, if you don't know how to make a warp, you can just use /warp to see a list of sub-commands.

How can I make my messages more colorful?

Using color codes, you can make your chat messages and signs colorful! A color code is a two-digit code that makes all text after it a certain color. If you're a VIP+, you can use color codes in your chat messages. If you're an Elite+, you can use color codes on signs. Below are color codes that work on Cobalt:

Color codes

  • &4
    dark red
  • &c
  • &6
  • &e
  • &2
    dark green
  • &a
  • &b
  • &3
    dark aqua

Color codes

  • &1
    dark blue
  • &9
  • &d
  • &5
  • &f
  • &7
  • &8
    dark gray
  • &0

Formatting codes

  • &l
  • &m
  • &n
  • &o
  • &r

How can I send a message to someone?

If you have something to say to just one person, it's better to send them a private message. Use /tell [player] [message] to send them a direct message. From there, you can quickly /reply [message] to send messages to them.

How do I know who is online?

Cobalt is filled with fun people to meet. Just press the TAB button on your keyboard to show a list of everyone currently online, as well as which realm they're on. You can also use /list for a list of global players. To learn about a player, or to see when someone was last online, use /info [player]. You can also view players /near you.

I need to take a quick break but I'll be right back

Sounds like you're going to go AFK (away from keyboard). If you idle too long without doing anything, you will be automatically marked as AFK and sent to the Hub. However, you can notify players that you will be gone for a short while by using /afk. When you're back, just use the command again, or type something in the chat.

What if I'm offline and miss an important message?

Things can happen while you're offline, but anything that's worth seeing will automatically be sent to your mailbox for later viewing. To check your mail, just use /mail, and to see a specific message, use /mail [ID]. You can clear your mailbox with /mail clear.

I need to wait before I do something?

Some commands are not meant to be used multiple times in a row. Sometimes, cooldowns are put in place to prevent spamming commands or to limit a feature to make sure it's not too overpowered. Use /cooldown to see a list of timers that are counting down for you. You can use /gems to bypass a cooldown in particular.

How can I use emoji in the chat?

Minecraft text is different than normal, but Cobalt has a fun way to use emoji in conversation. You must be a donor to use this feature. Just type /emoji for a list of emoji you can use. To use it in chat, use an exclamation mark and then the emoji keyword. For example, to write a smiley face, type !smile in chat.

Can I broadcast a message in third-person?

Sometimes it's more fun to say something in third-person. If you're an Elite+, you can use /me [message]. If your username was Notch, and you used /me is hungry, you'd see "Notch is hungry" in chat.

Can I message a group of people all at once?

Join or start a clan to chat with a group of people.

How do I send a message to the staff team?

The staff team can be contacted in-game with our ticket system.

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