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Chat & Messaging

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Cobalt makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your friends. Chatting is a privilege, however, and breaking any of our rules may result in a temporary or permanent block (a mute) from all of these features.

How do I chat?

One of the great things about Cobalt is the friendly community with which you can chat. To open your chat, press the T button and type a message. When you've typed your message, press enter to send it. This will send your message in global chat, which can be seen from every Cobalt realm, and even our Discord (as a donor feature). You can change your current chat channel with /chat.

How do I use commands?

Commands are anything prefixed with a slash (/). For example, you can use a command to take you back to the Cobalt Hub. Just press T, type /hub, and press enter to run the command. You can watch the chat to see a response, which may be a success (green or blue) or error (red) message.

Some commands have arguments, which are a slot that you can fill with extra details. For example, if you want to pay someone, you have to tell Cobalt two things: who you want to pay and how much money to send. When you see our Wiki show /pay [player] [amount], that means you could use /pay Notch 100 to send $100 of in-game currency to Notch. If an argument has square brackets (like this example), the argument is required and the command will not work without an argument. Other arguments that have parentheses are optional, and the command can work with or without the argument.

How do I see who is online?

You can use /list to view all online players, including which ranks they have and if they are away from their keyboard (AFK). You can press tab to see a list of our realms and the players on them. You can ping online players in chat, which alerts them with a sound and popup message, by putting the "@" symbol before their username in chat, like this: @Notch

How can I send a direct message to someone?

You can have a one-on-one conversation that is just between you and someone else by using /tell [player] [message]. You can chat across Cobalt realms, and if the player is offline, it will send them a /mail message for later viewing. You can quickly reply to your last message with /reply [message].

How do I make my messages colorful?

Using color codes, you can add color to your chat messages, signs, and nicknames. A color code is a two-digit prefix that makes all text following it into a certain color. If you're a VIP+, you can use color codes in your chat messages. If you're an Elite+, you can use color codes on signs.

Color codes

  • &4
    dark red
  • &c
  • &6
  • &e
  • &2
    dark green
  • &a
  • &b
  • &3
    dark aqua

Color codes

  • &1
    dark blue
  • &9
  • &d
  • &5
  • &f
  • &7
  • &8
    dark gray
  • &0

Formatting codes

  • &l
  • &m
  • &n
  • &o
  • &r

How can I have a private group conversation?

A chat channel is perfect for group messages. Create one for 500 gems with /chat create, or get invited to one by someone else. Then you can use /chat to activate it or switch between a channel and global chat.

Channel Members

Members can see all messages from the channel, regardless of which channel they've selected. VIPs+ can set a custom nickname with /chat nickname, and all donors can choose a custom symbol used to chat to the channel from global chat with /chat prefix. You can leave your selected channel with /chat leave, but you'll have to be re-invited to rejoin.

Channel Leaders

You can use /chat promote [player] to promote someone to leader, or /chat demote [player] to demote them to member. A leader is able to add new members to the channel with /chat add [player], and can kick members out with /chat kick [player]. They are allowed to change the channel description with /channel description [text], and the original channel leader can permanently delete it with /chat disband.

What if I'm offline or away from keyboard and miss something important?

Any important updates like messages from friends, infractions, changes to channel permissions, gems or money changes, winning the lottery, etc. will be available in your /mail should you be offline or away from your keyboard when the event happens. You can click on a specific message to read it, or use /mail clear to clear your mailbox. You can store at most 100 messages before you will not receive any more mail.

How can I use emoji in the chat?

Curious how people can write fancy icons and symbols in chat? Type /emoji to see a list of emoji you can use in chat, and to use them, use an exclamation mark ("!") before the emoji name like this: !smile.