Cobalt – Wiki

Helpful guides and tutorials for using Cobalt features.


The Basics

Our most important stuff that you should read first.

The Store

Support Cobalt with ranks, gems, and crates.

The Tutorials

Explore our features and learn how to use them.

The Cobalt Wiki will help you learn all about Cobalt
Our Wiki is full of valuable information for every player on Cobalt. The Basics section outlines what our rules and policies are, and gives you the commands and tools you need to start on your Cobalt adventure. Our Store section has detailed information about our ranks, and our global gems currency. The Tutorials section provides some step-by-step instructions and details about our biggest features.

Still need help?
If you still have questions after reading the Wiki articles above, you can contact our staff team in-game. First join Cobalt, then use /ticket to create a help ticket. For a quicker response, you can join our Discord server and ask in the #help channel.