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At the store, you can support Cobalt and get some cool ranks and rewards in exchange! Choose an item below to learn more or purchase.

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All ranks last for your lifetime* and will activate on all realms, including the Discord server and website. Higher ranks inherit all lower ranks' permissions. The best part? The features listed below are only a handful of perks our donors receive! Click here for a full list of perks.

$15 USD
  • Fly mode
  • Heal
  • Nicknames
  • Use emoji
  • Salvage tools
  • 5 homes
  • 10 warps
Get Supporter
$30 USD
  • God mode
  • Extra hearts
  • Color codes
  • Sit in chairs
  • Own a pet
  • 10 homes
  • 20 warps
$60 USD
  • Disguise as mobs
  • Slap others
  • Auto tree chop
  • Ride chickens
  • Own multiple pets
  • 20 homes
  • 35 warps
Get Elite
$120 USD
  • Enchant items
  • Repair items
  • Set fly/walk speed
  • Fly in Spawns
  • Cooler nicknames
  • 40 homes
  • 80 warps
Get Premium

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