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Oh, the places you'll go!

What are warps?
Warps are pre-set destinations on a Cobalt realm that you can travel to. Everyone can create warps, and everyone can use those warps. Use these warps to promote your buildings and shops!

Creating warps
To create a warp, use the command /warp create [warp]. This will set a custom warp at your current location. It is recommended to make the warp name easy to remember and short. Warp names cannot have any special characters or spaces.

Teleporting to warps
If you've heard about a cool warp you need to check out, use the command /warp [warp]. There is no limit to the amount of warps you can teleport to. If a warp is near a dangerous location that might hurt you, you will not be able to teleport to it. To learn more about who owns a warp, use the command /warp info [warp]. This will tell you which realm a warp was created on, how many times it was used, and other useful information.

Sometimes, you may be teleported back after using a warp. This means that you were hurt upon teleporting, which often is the result of a dangerous warp or warp-trap. If you'd like to teleport to the warp regardless of how safe it is, use /warp force [warp]. Using this command is at your own risk.

Deleting warps
Since regular members have a stricter limit on the amount of warps they can make, it may be a good idea to delete unused warps. Use /warp delete [warp] to remove it. Keep in mind that once you delete a warp, you cannot restore it unless you know the location of where it was set. Admins can delete any warp whether they own it or not.

Listing your warps
For a list of warps you personally own, use the command /warp list. You cannot see a list of all warps, you must know the specific warp name to travel to it if you don't own it. To see a list of every single warp in existence, use /warp listall. This command is experimental and does not support pagination. If a large amount of warps are present, it will likely crash your client.

Creating warp signs
VIPs, Elites, and Premiums can create warp signs. Warp signs have the same effect as typing /warp [warp], however as the sign creator you can set the sign to teleport people to a specific warp you own! This is useful in towns if you want to make a central town hall and have warps to the different parts of a town. To purchase VIP and take advantage of this great feature, visit our online store . The format for each line of a newly placed sign is below:

  1. [warp]
  2. name of the warp
  3. leave this line blank
  4. leave this line blank

Warp limits
Regular Members can only create a limited amount of warps for a few reasons. First, this reduces the overall amount of warps and possible name conflicts. Second, it gives donors extra features and incentives to donate. Donors are able to create a few more warps compared to members.

Member 5 warps

Supporter 15 warps

VIP 30 warps

Elite 60 warps

Premium 120 warps