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Instant potion effects anywhere

What are skills?
All Cobalt realms feature Skills, which apply potion effects to your character for a limited time. Potion effects can be used to become stronger, faster, invisible, and many other things!

Applying skills
Choose a potion effect from the list below and use the command /skill [effect]. Depending on your rank, you will receive the specified skill for a certiain amount of time. Higher-level donors receive longer effects with a smaller cooldown time, in addition to more available skills to choose from. See the list below for information:

  • Supporter: 1 minute effect, 10 minute cooldown
  • VIP: 3 minute effect, 8 minute cooldown
  • Elite: 5 minute effect, 7 minute cooldown
  • Premium: 7 minute effect, 6 minute cooldown

Which skills can I use?
Listed below are the different skills and the ranks that can use them. Each rank can use the lower-tier ranks' skills as well, so a Premium can access all of the Elite skills for example.

Supporter swiftness

VIP strength

Elite regeneration, fireresistance

Premium nightvision, invisibility