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Leagues and Seasons

Win big

What are leagues and seasons?
Cobalt PvP is always in a season. Seasons switch out every few months and offer competitive ways to try out new abilties. During a season, only a specific list of abilities are allowed in kits. When playing a League Match, you can only use kits containing those abilties. Check the seasons subforum to learn about the current season and which abilities are allowed.

What are trophies?
Trophies are how you keep track of your current standings in the league you're participating in. During each season, you try to reach the top of your league by gaining trophies. Trophies can only be accumulated by playing in League Maches with other players. If you win the match, you will gain 1, 2, or 3 trophies, depending on the situation and difficulty. Once the season has ended, you will be rewarded based on how many trophies you have. See the table below:

  • no rewards 0-2 Trophies
  • 1500 coins, 1 chest 3-9 Trophies
  • 2750 coins, 2 chests 10-19 Trophies
  • 3500 coins, 3 chests 20-29 Trophies
  • 4800 coins, 4 chests 30-39 Trophies
  • 6300 coins, 5 chests 40-49 Trophies
  • 7000 coins, 7 chests 50-59 Trophies
  • 9000 coins, 8 chests 60-84 Trophies
  • 10,000 coins, 10 chests 85-90 Trophies
  • 12,500 coins, 15 chests 90-99 Trophies
  • 30,000 coins, 20 chests 100 Trophies

Being kicked from the league
If you lose all your trophies, you will be kicked from the league and unable to participate. If this occurs, you can open the /gems store and purchase a "League Second Chance" which will allow you to re-enter the league and continue playing. Be careful not to lose all your trophies!