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Kit Creation

Create it yourself

What are kits?
Cobalt's PvP realm is unique because you can design your own kits for the Kit PvP experience. Using over 200 abilities, you can create kits to use in battle. Kits can be used in any gamemode, but some kits are not allowed in certain seasons because they may contain abilities that are not seasonal. To create your kit, right-click the "Custom Kits" anvil in the /spawn and pick a kit slot to customize. You can rename your kit, change its playstyle, or erase it using the buttons in the menu.

What are kit points?
To prevent overuse of abilities, you have a maximum of 10 kit points you can "spend" per kit. Each ability takes up a different amount of points when added to the kit, and you cannot exceed 10 points with whatever ability combination you pick. Ideally, use all 10 kit points in each kit to make it the most effective.

How do I customize more kits?
You can have up to 14 kit slots that can be customized. There are several ways to get more kit slots to customize. All donors who have purchased a rank at Cobalt receive an additional slot depending on the tier of their rank. Supporters get 1 extra, VIPs get 2 extra, Elites get 3 extra, and Premiums get 4 extra. To get more kit slots via a donor rank, type /donate while in-game. You can also buy more kit slots using the in-game /gems store.

How do I get more abilities?
Abilities can be unlocked via /chests. See our abilities wiki page for more information and a full ability list.