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Fun ways to play

What are gamemodes?
On the Cobalt PvP realm, you can pick your favorite way to play. We offer many different gamemodes: including free-for-all deathmatch, casual duels, league matches, tournaments, and Deadman duels. Each are described below.

Free-for-all deathmatch is a great way to test out your abilities in a large, open arena. With the deathmatch gamemode, you can pick your favorite arena and play with many opponents at once. You can also win coins for killing other players in this mode.

Duels provide a competitive way to challenge just one other person at PvP. Casual duels are perfect for testing your PvP skill and abilities, and are safe to play without the risk of losing anything. League matches are more competitive and reward you with trophies, helping you achieve a better reward at the end of the current season. The most risky type of duel is a Deadman match. In a Deadman match, you wager all of the abilities in the kit you choose before the duel. If you win, you instantly receive all the abilities your opponent used in their kit. If you lose, however, your opponent will receive all the abilities in the kit you picked. This is a great way to get abilities quickly, but be careful not to lose yours!

Anyone can host a tournament for free. Once hosted, players can join the tournament. Tournaments are big matches of lots of players in fun, random arenas that have nice rewards. If you win a tournament, you will be rewarded with coins, in addition to coins for each player killed. The more players that play in a tournament, the better!

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