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Nickname Guidelines

Be the boss of your name

What are nicknames?
Throughout the server, you'll see people with a ~ character in front of their name. This means that they have a nickname. A nickname, or "nick", isn't the person's actual username. If you're a donor (see Donating FAQ to donate), you can set a nickname for yourself. You'll then be known around the server as that nickname. There are a few restrictions to using nicknames, which are outlined below.

Hiding nicknames
Would you prefer to see everyone's normal username? An easy way to hide nicknames in the chat is to use the in-game /settings, or see our wiki page about settings for more info.

Getting a nickname
To get a nickname, use /nick request [nickname]. Be sure to include any colors you want (if you have the ability to get colors). Nicknames can be changed whenever you want, but you're recommended to use one nickname and stick with it. To change your nickname, use /nick list and click on the nickname you'd like to activate. You can also view the list of nicknames any player has with /nick list [player]. Staff members are able to remove an accepted nickname through this command.

Rank Limitations
The higher ranked you are, the more access to customize your nickname you have. In addition, upgrading your donor rank reduces cooldowns between nickname changes and allows for more approved nicknames to be stored and switched between easily.

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