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Comamand Reference

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What is a command?
Commands are instructions you give to the server, which will reply back with a response or an action. Commands can be used to teleport, send messages, or get information. Cobalt has many commands across our servers, which you can see a list of below.

General player commands
Below are the normal commands used by everybody.

Teleportation commands
Teleportation commands will move you from place to place. These are official, customized commands that we've set up to help you find your way around the Cobalt realms.

Network commands
These custom commands will bring you to another Cobalt realm.

Basic commands
These commands are the most commonly used, and perform general tasks.

Donor commands
Donors have access to more advanced commands with extra features. For a complete list, see our donation benefits wiki page.

System commands
Systems are a group of similar commands that control the larger plugins, like contests, or the friend system.

Contests Only applicable on Creative Contests Wiki Page

Lottery Economy Wiki Page


Friends Friends Wiki Page
Blocking / Unblocking


Kits Not applicable on Creative Kits Wiki Page

Modreq Ticket System Modreq Wiki Page

Preferences Settings Wiki Page

Shop Only applicable on Survival and Skyblock Economy Wiki Page

Chest protection Only applicable on Survival Chest Protection Wiki Page


Warps Warps Wiki Page

Challenges Only applicable on Skyblock Challenges Wiki Page

Clans Clans Wiki Page

Auctions Only applicable on Survival and Skyblock Auctions Wiki Page

Land Protection Only applicable on Survival Land Protection Wiki Page

Islands Only applicable on Skyblock Islands Wiki Page

Towns Only applicable on Survival Towns Wiki Page

Staff commands
These commands are used by only staff members, and assist with managing and moderating the server.


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