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Plus Rank

Just sign up

What is the Plus rank?
At the front of some users' chat messages, you may see a blue-colored "plus" symbol. This means that they have signed up at our forums, confirmed their email, and then had a rank activated in-game. You can have the Plus rank as well, all you need to do is sign up! Plus members receive $10,000 in-game upon successful confirmation of signup.

How to activate

  1. Log in to any realm (excluding the Hub) on the Cobalt network
  2. Visit forums.cobalt-mc.com and click "Sign Up" to begin registration
  3. Fill in your account details, making sure the username you enter is the same as your Minecraft username (capitals matter!)
  4. Enter a valid email, then check your email once registration is complete. Click the confirmation link in the email.
  5. Visit any page of the forums and look for your personalized code at the top of the page
  6. Execute /code [code] while on any Cobalt realm (excluding the Hub)
  7. Your Plus rank has now been activated! You should see a "+" before your chat messages.

I can't find my code
If you've previously activated your Plus (+) rank, it's possible that the message at the top of the screen telling you your code has disappeared. If this is the case, visit our forums and mouse over your name dropdown in the top-right. Choose "Preferences". Check the "Generate new Plus (+) code" box and save the page. Now, when you navigate to the forums, you should see your personal Plus code at the top of the page.


Land Protection

Obtaining the Plus Rank