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Creative only! The commands on this page only apply to the /creative realm.


Your own building zone

What are plots?
In the Creative realm, you'll notice thousands of square plots. These plots are building zones for you to create anything you can imagine. Everyone gets a plot in Creative, and donors get even more included plots to build on. Plots are completely protected from other people and cannot be edited by anyone unless you give them permission. This guide will outline some of the plot commands.

Obtaining a plot
Upon your first login to the Creative server, you will be able to start bulding automatically. If you can claim more plots (by being a donor), use the command /plot auto to claim a random available plot. If you're standing on a plot you want (and it's not taken), use the command /plot claim while standing on it.

Adding people to help build
Adding people to your plot is easy, but can be dangerous! Adding people to your plot will result in them being able to build and destroy whatever they want! This means that they can ruin your whole plot. Make sure you only add trustworthy players, or your plot may get ruined. Use /plot add [player] to add a friend to help build only while you're online. To remove their access, use /plot remove [player]. If you want them to be able to build even while you're offline, use /plot trust [player] and /plot untrust [player].

Learning more about a plot
You can see the list of builders, the owner, and the status of a plot with a simple command. Stand on your plot, then use /plot info to learn more about it.

Teleporting to your home plot
Check a list of the plots you have access to with /plot list mine, then head home using the command
/plot home [ID], where [ID] is the plot ID. You can find the plot ID by using /plot info while standing on your plot. However, it is recommended that you make a warp to the plot instead of teleporting to its ID.

Removing a plot
If you want to reset your plot to "factory settings", you can use /plot clear to clear the plot you're standing on. Be warned that this cannot be undone! To completely reset and dispose of your plot, use /plot delete.

Donor benefits
Certain donors receive access to an extended amount of plots they can claim. The plot limits are displayed below in blue. In addition, donors receive access to more WorldEdit commands. Donors also can change the plot owner with /plot setowner [player].

You are responsible for knowing how WorldEdit works and using the commands properly. Staff will not be able to assist you with WorldEdit operations.

VIP 6 plots, //count, /forestgen, /pumpkins, /ascend,
/descend, /ceiling, /thru, /up, //walls, //faces, //move

Elite 12 plots, //cut, //paste, //copy, //flip, //rotate, //hcyl,
//cyl, //sphere, //pyramid, //generate, /tool

block players from entering your plot, set your plot biome

Premium 24 plots, //schematic, //replace, //removenear,
//replacenear, //drain, //fixwater, //fixlava

merge plots together, download your plots

In addition, our Plus (+) members receive access to very basic WorldEdit commands on Creative. Their commands are as follows: //wand, //set, //pos1, //pos2, //undo, //redo, //clear, //hpos1, //hpos2.

Additional administrative commands
Admins can use the following commands to manage plots.

  • /plot delete - Clear the plot you're standing on, removing its owner
  • /plot weanywhere - Allows certain administrators to use WorldEdit anywhere