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Can't protect yourself? Get a pet!

What are pets?
Pets are lovable creatures that can follow you around as you walk around Cobalt. Pets can be used on the Cobalt Survival or Skyblock realms only.

Spawning a pet
To spawn a new pet, use /pet new [mob] [name]. The mob argument is the kind of mob you want to spawn as your pet. Different donors have access to different pets. The name argument allows you to write a colorful name for your pet! You can dismiss a pet with /pet dismiss, which won't get rid of the pet forever. To summon a pet that you've previously dismissed, use /pet call. You can completely delete a pet with /pet delete.

Which pets can I use?
Listed below are the different mobs you can use as pets. This is the first list of pets we've tested; more will be added very soon!

Elite chicken

Premium chicken, villager, ocelot, wolf