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Filing Tickets

Get help quickly

Why tickets?
Submitting tickets are an easy way for staff members to help you with a problem. They're especially helpful if a staff member is offline - they can get to the tickets when they log in.

Ticket submission tips
Make your messages include as much information, use full usernames when possible, and always stand by the location the incident happened when filing your ticket. Remember, if you need more room for information, you can always comment on your ticket, once it is submitted.

Filing a ticket
To file a ticket, you'll want to submit a mod-request (modreq). Use the following command:

  • /modreq [message]. When a staff member fixes or responds to the issue, they'll send you a message and you will see it if you are online and if you're offline you will be notified about it when you login.

Viewing your ticket
Once you submit your modreq you can view the status of it with the follow commands:

  • /modreq view View your open modreqs. Guests and members are only allowed to have one modreq open at a time, while donors can have five.
  • /modreq view [ID]If you know the ID of your modreq, you can use this command to view more details about it.

Note: All modreqs have built in "quick actions" that allow you to perform almost every modreq command without even typing it in. All you have to do is click on the "quick action".

Staff ticket commands
All online staff get notified of created tickets after the request has been filed. A message will broadcast to staff every 5 minutes if the ticket stays open for a while.

  • /modreq view to see a list of all open tickets
  • /modreq view [ID] to check a specific ticket and see who filed it, etc. If they were from a server outside of Survival, it will let you know. Then on the other server you can finish taking care of the ticket.
  • /modreq goto [ID] to go to a ticket. Be careful if the person was flying and you go there, as you might die.
  • /modreq comment [ID] [message] add a comment to the ticket if you need more information or have a question about the ticket.
  • /modreq close [ID] [message] will mark the ticket as done. You MUST comment so the person can see what you did. A little sentence would be nice if you could. The person will see this no matter what, if they're online it will pop up instantly, and if they're offline while you complete it, they will be notified about it when they login.