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Mob Catching

Like catching a Pokemon, but better

What is mob catching?
Since spawn eggs are difficult to get in Minecraft, you can capture mobs at Cobalt! All you need is a Mob Net, which will allow you to turn any walking mob into a mob spawn egg that you can use somewhere else.

How do I get a mob net?
Mob nets can be obtained through our kit system. Just type /kit capture on a realm where mobs are enabled and you will get your Mob Net. Walk up to a mob you want to capture, and punch it with the net. The net will disappear and you will have the clicked mob's egg in your inventory! You must be a Plus (+) member to use this feature.

Be careful when using nets
Nets are NOT meant to be shared with anyone. You are free to share the mob eggs you receive, but not the net itself. You will need to personally use the net before you can get another one. Do not throw away a net, or you will not be able to get another one since you haven't used the last one.

Feature limitations
To prevent the obtaining of unlimited spawn eggs, cooldowns have been put in place. Members must wait several days before capturing again, while most donors get reduced times. Regular members have access to capture only four mobs, while other donors have many more. Lower ranks have access to the previous ranks' mobs.

Members / Supporters 7 days; cow, sheep, pig, chicken

VIPs 3 days; bat, mooshroom cow, cave spider

Elites 1 hour; enderman, spider, zombie pigman, guardian

Premiums 30 minutes; horse, wolf, slime, snow golem, iron golem, villager