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Server running slow?

About Cobalt
Every Cobalt realm is very complex, with hundreds of different plugins and addons, some huge, some small. The software we use to run all this, is in various stages of Alpha, Beta and Release states. One of the main problems resulting from this is server lag, in different shapes and forms. However, Minecraft also has a client part, and often the cause of your performance issue is on that side.

What is lag?
Lag occurs when the server can't keep up. Lag in Minecraft means that you wil experience less-than-perfect gameplay where certain things will happen slower. Even with a powerful computer and a fast internet connection, lag is inevitable.

Server specifications
We run our servers on a 2014 Mac Pro tower computer (using a optimized Linux-based OS), with 32 GB of RAM, two 256-GB solid state drives, a 2TB backup hard disk for backing up and restoring all of the server data, two 2.40GHz 6-core Intel Xeon (12 core) processors, and an extremely fast internet connection. Our server is colocated, which means we have physical access to the computer to upgrade it when we need to. This is much more efficient and cost-effective than renting a server like most Minecraft networks do.

Using the lag meter
Luckily, we have even have a feature to determine who is to blame if you experience lag. The server has a timer that measures how fast the it is processing all the different features it has loaded, the resulting value is called the TPS (ticks per second). To see the TPS, use /tps. If you need to learn about the lag meter in-game, use /lag.

17-20 TPS If the TPS shows up at 19.9 or a number close to 20, that means the server is performing perfectly. Anywhere from 17-20 TPS means the server is processing data correctly and there is no server lag.

11-16 TPS If you see the TPS anywhere from 11 to 16, the server is performing well enough to keep everything running, but it will be a little slow. You may experience minor block and chat lag, and logging in will take a few more seconds to save processing power.

3-10 TPS A tickrate of 3 to 10 means that the server is struggling to keep up. Certain performance-heavy events will be cancelled (like breaking blocks) to save resources. Some logins may be cancelled.

0-2 TPS If you see the TPS this low, the server will crash soon.

Remember the rules
Because of the command we use to know who's to blame, we ask that you do not announce lag when it happens. If you are getting lag, use the /tps command to check who's to blame. If the server is fine, your internet or computer may be running slow. If the TPS is lower, then know that Cobalt is doing everything it can to catch up. If you complain about lag in chat, you may be muted.