IP: play.cobalt-mc.com


Skyblock only! The commands on this page only apply to the /skyblock realm.


Survive in the sky

What are islands?
On the Skyblock realm, you can create and survive in a floating island in the sky. You are able to invite friends to that island, complete challenges, and gather more resources. Starting out with a few materials, you'll be able to expand your island and make a massive structure in the sky!

Creating an island
When you first log in to the Skyblock realm, use the command /island create to create yourself an island. This will generate an island just like everyone else's when they started out. It's your job to expand this island with the materials provided.

Learning about islands
While on any island, you're able to check more information about it. This includes the date created, builders on the island, and the owner. Use /island info while standing in an island to view information about it. You are also able to right-click the sign at the bedrock location marker below each island.

Adding and removing friends
To have friends help out on your island, add them as helpers. Helpers are able to access chests and build on the island, but not manage other helpers. Use /island add [player] to give building rights to a player. To remove their building rights, use /island remove [player]. Use the info command in the section above to see a list of builders.

Restarting your whole island
If you've made a mistake or want to start your survival over, use the command /island delete. This will allow you to create a new island, but will delete your existing island, builders, items, and data. This will not remove the physical island, but you will no longer be allowed to build on it. A staff member will soon come along and manually remove the island.

2-month policy
After 2 months of being inactive, your skyblock island will be deleted to make room for other islands. In order to prevent this, make sure to log in at least every month so the server realizes you're still active.


/island create 
/island info 
/island add [player] 
/is remove [player] 
/island delete