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Handling Disputes

Having a problem with another player?

What is a dispute?
In general, players are encouraged to deal with disputes among themselves before searching for staff help. At the very least, you should try to discuss your grievances with the other player(s) before reporting them on the forum. A good discussion may lead to an acceptable solution for both parties, which is a lot better if handled in private. If you cannot seem to agree, post a thread on the "Report Bad Players" forum and clearly detail your issue with this player.

How to handle a dispute

  1. Before even starting, make sure you are not aggravated or otherwise incensed at the other player. If you feel like you cannot handle a dispute calmly, take a walk or get some coffee, and try again later when you are calmed down. Also keep in mind that another player may not have done something intentionally, and try to see his or her points as well.
  2. Try talking to the player. This can be done through a forum PM, an in-game /msg, an IRC conversation (chat), Skype, or any other method. Try to find a solution to the problem amongst the both of you.
  3. If you can find a solution through this, good work! If you cannot find a solution amongst the two of you, create a dispute thread in the "Report Bad Players" forum. Make sure you clearly state what the issue is, and keep it friendly and constructive. Also, add screenshots where they have added values.
  4. Inform the other parties of the thread you made. Nothing is as annoying as finding out a days old thread that disputes your actions - this can really sour any communication.
  5. Find a solution, read other players' comments, and see if an admin weighs in.
  6. Problem solved? Good, move on. Problem closed, but not happy? Move on as well unless you have something new to add to the discussion.

Examples of good disputes

"I gave a loan to player [name], and they have not repaid in time. I warned them a couple of times now, and around this time I would like to report this." [added screenshot of the loan]

"I hired my friend to help build my shop, but he changed the item prices and won't reply." [added screenshot of agreement and new/old prices]

"This random guy started building in my town without my permission. I tried talking to him, but he won't reply." [added screenshot of his house]

Examples of bad disputes

"Player [name] doesn't give back my loan. Ban him, at once!" (See above)

"Someone destroyed my house after I was gone for 2 months! I want it back! Now!" (See Technical Rules)

"I DEMAND that an admin restore this. Otherwise I DEMAND I get my donation back, and I will... [long rant] to you... [swears]" (Obvious, isn't it?)