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What are gems?
Gems are a global currency throughout every realm on the Cobalt Network. This currency can be purchased online or earned in-game, and allows you to buy special things that can not usually be purchased elsewhere.

How do I get gems?
Gems are given out randomly. You can win gems by completing the /parkour in the Hub, or by logging in to each realm daily and claiming the /rewards. We often have fun games in the Hub to win gems, and in addition there are many coupon codes hidden around our website and YouTube channel that offer free gems.

The easiest way to get gems is to buy them at our online store. The more gems you buy at once, the more free gems you get in addition to the ones you bought.

What can I spend gems on?
Once you've accumulated a few gems, you can spend them on any of our realms. Just open up the /gem store and purchase any of the following items:

  • In-game money: This item will convert a selected amount of gems into in-game money on the realm you're currently on. You can pick the amount to convert. In our Clash realm, you can choose to convert to either gold or elixir. To make this perk EULA-compliant, when you buy in-game money, everyone on the server will receive money as well!
  • PvP chests: This item will give you additional chests on our PvP realm. Chests can be used to unlock new abilities, and can be opened via the /chests command.
  • PvP kit slots: This item adds to your total number of available slots where kits can be stored. With more kit slots, you can customize more kits and have more kits available to choose from before a battle.
  • Rainbow trails: This item shows fun particle effects behind you as you walk. Not completed yet.
  • Drop Party Tickets: Drop parties are fun events where the whole server can participate in receiving free items dropped from the sky in a big arena! Purchase tickets and then use them via /drop to start a server-wide party. This party lasts longer depending on how many players participate, and includes the chance for rare drops such as spawn eggs and mob heads. You are sure to be everyone's favorite if you start a drop party!