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Don't know what friends are? We'll help.

What are friends?
Although there are social differences between friends in real life and friends on a Minecraft server, this article will focus on the Friend System on Cobalt. To learn about the Friend System, use the command /friends.

What do you get for being friends?
Adding friends will let you know when a friend logs into a Cobalt realm, and will make it so they can instantly teleport to you without asking. You can also right-click a friend to heal them if they have less-than-full health. If friends are nearby while you attack mobs, the damage has a chance of being increased as well! There are a few other secret hidden benefits of adding friends, see if you can find them all!

Adding friends
To request another player to be your friend, use /friend add [player]. They must be online, not blocking you, and able to accept the request a few seconds after you send it. If they accept, they'll be added to your friend list, and you will be added to theirs! Use /friend list to see a list of the current friends you have. Keep in mind that friend lists don't persist through name changes, so if you change your name, ask your friend to remove your old name and add your new one to their list again.

Removing friends
To remove people from your friends list, use /friend remove [player]. The player may be offline, but they must currently be in your /friend list. Please note that this will also remove you from their friend list.

Blocking annoying users
Is a person bothering you? Blocking them will stop all teleport requests and private messages, and will even hide general chat messages. You also are not allowed to block staff members. To begin blocking a player, even if they're offline, use /block [player]. You can see a list of your blocked users with /block list.

Unblocking people
Check your /block list for the full username of the player you want to unblock, then use /unblock [player] to unblock them. You can also use /unblock all to stop blocking everyone. Fun fact: if a person with the username "all" joins Cobalt and you try unblocking them, the server will most likely be very confused whether you're trying to unblock everyone or just remove the dude named "all".