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EULA Compliance

We follow the rules

What is the EULA?
Over the summer of 2014, Mojang has decided to roll out an EULA, or "End User License Agreement". The EULA states that server owners can't give non-cosmetic perks to paid members. All members must be treated equally. Cobalt, through the help of Mojang's Enforcement Team, has designed the network to be 100% EULA-compliant, effective September 23, 2016.

How does Cobalt comply?
The EULA states that you are allowed to pay for access to a server. That means we could open up a server, whitelist it, and then sell access to it on our store. The problem with this is that you can't sell access to a part of your server. If you sell access, it needs to be a whole server (for example, not a BungeeCord setup with multiple servers and certain ones only accessible by donors).

Cobalt has split into 5 separate servers, still running on a BungeeCord instance. However, we have made it impossible for users to switch between these servers. The end user (you) will never notice the server split, it's only so we're technically in compliance. The first server, the main server, is the normal server. It's the server you join when you connect with our main IP address. The other four servers are each donor servers, completely separate from the normal server. If you purchase VIP, for example, you will get access to the VIP server. Only VIPs who have paid $30 USD will be able to log in, since there is a whitelist. A similar setup is in place for each of our donor ranks. We sync chat between these servers to simulate a similar experience of being on one single server. Mojang's EULA does not forbid this, and they define a separate server as: "A server is something a user connects to with their client. The user is on a different server when they leave one and manually join another (in the multiplayer screen). Virtual servers and proxies make no difference; to the client it's the same server." Because you are on physical separate servers and have to change IPs if you want to play on another server, we are 100% compliant here.

The donor servers will provide all the features of that rank, included with the server access. The people on that physical server have the same features as you do.

Because the donor servers have the features included of that rank by default, you could log into the regular normal server as a donor and your experience would be the same as the people on that server. If you wanted to use your donor features, you'd have to switch IPs and log on to the IP you were assigned upon purchasing your rank. Because of this, Cobalt is completely in compliance with Mojang's EULA!

Feel free to contact us
The EULA is a difficult document to understand or enforce. If you have any questions about our system or how we comply, feel free to contact us by clicking on the contact link below. We'd love to hear from you!